30 April, 2013

Yoga in May

Hi there,
Anyone up for a yoga class Tues May 7th?

Rylstone  9.30am
Ilford 5.30 pm

as per usual.

Let me know asap

If you have any feedback from last months class, please feel
free to tell me. 

Warm regards

 Suzy Flowers [suzy.flowers@gmail.com]

24 April, 2013

Fight to save the Gardens of Stone

THE fight to save the Gardens of Stone near Lithgow came to the streets of Springwood on Sunday when residents rallied in the town square calling on the government to protect the area from coal mining.
Organised by the Blue Mountains Conservation Society, Lithgow Environment Group and Nature Conservation Council of NSW (NCC), the rally was the final event in a week-long tour by senior NCC staff of areas across the state facing coal mining and gas developments.

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22 April, 2013

Road Priority Submission to Lithgow Council

RE:  Road Priority Submission (version 2) April 2013
Capertee Valley Operational Plan 2013 -14

Your Reference 1PRO9 – 12
Operational Plane pages 69, 71, 72, 102 and 104
Priority One (This has moved from being Priority Two in last submission of April 2010)
Tri-Intersection (Tri-Intersection is the junction of Glen Davis and Glen Alice Roads and the road to Capertee) from Capertee River concrete Bridge going west to Capertee, desperately needs to be sealed, to the sealed section 4kms.
·         Accident prone, more accidents mostly rollovers here than anywhere else on Capertee Valley Way from Capertee to Mt Marsden
·         Loose gravel and lots of people who are not proficient at gravel road driving (i.e. weekenders and visitors or people who live in town), particularly here, where there are a lot of kangaroos and wombats crossing and one tends to brake suddenly in loose gravel to avoid wildlife
·         Need a permanent solution to address drainage issues on this section
·         On some tarred sections of Glen Davis Road erosion has caused deep gutters to form at the edges, the road-width is relatively narrow and if there is a large truck coming the other way there is no margin for error and no place to pull further over.  One wheel in the gutter and your car would roll.  NOT SAFE! - COUNCIL PLEASE MAINTAIN ROAD EDGES!
·         It is a Tourist Trail, a Bird Trail and Inland Adventure Trail but is not well signposted
·         Please note that roads in the Capertee Valley are used by a large variety of vehicles including tourist vehicles, school buses, cattle trucks, fuel tankers and the occasional ambulance.
This would benefit everyone in the valley including residents travelling to shop and/or work, visitors and those coming into the valley on business, and it would provide better, adequate safety travelling in wet weather.
NB. Bylong Valley Way that was recently sealed its entire length is now proclaimed as an Iconic Scenic Drive voted by users. See Mudgee Guardian Friday August 31 2012. We’d like to see this happening to the Capertee Valley Way.
Priority Two
Seal the Capertee Valley Way from the Tri-intersection travelling north to Glen Alice Approx. 7 kms. See all the reasons already stated plus:
It is Tourist Drive 2 from Capertee to Mudgee and is part of Greater Blue Mountains Drive and Tablelands Way
This road is the only road in and out of the valley and when we experience summer bushfires it needs to be passable driving a Fire Tanker full of water over and over again

·         The section of road that is unsealed cannot hold its formation in wet weather eg it is very slippery with most sedans fishtailing the whole length of the road, with corresponding callouts to the local Rural Fire Service and/or local landholders to retrieve cars that have left the road

·         Extreme corrugations need attention, especially on tight corners on the unsealed section

·         City drivers inexperience on gravelly, wet unsealed roads with wildlife crossing

·         Mature trees less than 1 metre from the driving surface of the road, see note inexperienced drivers on gravel roads, sometimes in the wet and trying to avoid wildlife

·         Need permanent solution to drainage issues

·         Road used by daily commuters and tradespeople to and from Lithgow, Bathurst and Capertee
Priority Three
Seal Glen Alice Road from Glen Alice Community Hall to Northern sealed section near Myalla Road Approx. 5 kms
·         Increase in transport vehicles moving stock from Goollooinboin, Umbiella, Watervale etc. big properties moving in excess of 6,000 cattle movements per annum.
·         Other stock movement includes sheep, pigs, goats, horses and alpacas.
·         Large properties bringing in and sending out, hay and fodder
·         Road used by daily commuters and tradespeople to and from Lithgow, Bathurst, Rylstone and Capertee
·         This road is used twice daily by the school bus to Rylstone and Kandos, and parents who bring children to Glen Alice School
There are severe salinity and drainage issues which have been worsened by the band aid solutions of the previous Council
Priority Four
Bridges are mostly timber and four concrete bridges, and are one-way only bridges that were designed for 2 to 3 ton loads, that are now constantly carrying many tonnes more plus livestock and construction materials, farming equipment, fodder etc.
·         Approaches (including guard rails) constantly in need of maintenance

·         Passenger cars need to slow down from 100kms/hr. to less than 60kms/hr. on the Airly Creek Bridge approach travelling East towards Glen Alice on Capertee Valley Way and this is people who are familiar with the problem, others just lose their muffler or damage their suspension and tyres, rims etc. or suffer whiplash as they hit the roof of their cars

·         Now being used carrying road base and maintenance materials, Mine vehicles monitoring and inspecting bores, as well as livestock, farm equipment etc. already mentioned
Priority Five
Boundary Markers and Signage
·         Lithgow City Council LGA boundary sign near MT Marsden faces Mt Marsden so it cannot be read whether you are travelling south or north unless you take your eyes off the road (It was erected this way perfect if you are walking but little use otherwise)

·         Need to develop awareness of Capertee Valley Way Tourist Drive and there is not a single sign into or out of the valley (the closest sign is outside Kandos in Mid-Western Regional Council LGA

·         Signage needed desperately showing distances and destinations, people expect to be able to calculate how long it will take to their next destination (Glen Alice, Glen Davis, Bogee and Rylstone).

·         There is a lot of confusion in relation to the road signs, there still remains the old Rylstone street signs and as an example, Noola Road & Brymair Road signs need to be updated to reflect LCC Logo and uniformity as Dunville Loop sign

There are two entrances to Dunville Loop Road and people get lost depending which entrance of the valley they enter (I draw attention to Google maps problem). The public could perceive that
Dunville Loop Road is actually just the name of the road and not a loop road!  If it had north or south that would make a difference

·         Need a give way sign at Tri-Intersection Capertee River concrete single lane bridge.  This also applies to the single lane bridge in Glen Alice.

·         Numietta Road sign needed.
Priority Six
Seal from Tri-intersection to Glen Davis Approx. 5.5 kms
·         Drainage issues exacerbating salinity problems and vehicle accidents
·         Dangerous driving on road after and during rain
·         Increased number of tourists to valley including international and national drivers
·         Increase in number of attendees to wedding parties and functions to Boutique Hotel Glen Davis
·         Need all weather access for fire fighting tankers, big trucks full of water need good traction
·         It is the only access to Glen Davis for residents, workers, travellers etc.
·         Access for all campers, recreational vehicles, caravans going to the two camping grounds
Priority (These next Priorities in no particular order)
Mt. Marsden Approx. 0.4 kms
·         Incomplete reseal north of Dunville Loop
·         Shoulders of new 2012/13 reseal crumbling already due to drainage issues
·         Line marking still has not been undertaken on the new reseal causing poor driver performance.
Dig up and reseal needed on Capertee Valley Way at Bogee from Noola Road to Pt. Macquarie Road approx. 2kms

Torbane Road now that the Mt Airly Mine is in Maintenance mode we need this alternative access/egress road given back to the public especially for firefighting and for evacuation purposes
·         The Glen Alice, Capertee and Bogee RFS have to fight fires up to and including the mine area which will be increasing in size to five times the size of existing area if approval is granted for the Mine extension around Genowlan Mountain
Priority of Secondary Roads
Maintain roads to a safe and acceptable standards and within budget.
We note that the annual road grading program has been extended to 15 or 18 months which is out of sync with the Delivery Program 2013/17 and the Operational plan.  This extension means a saving to council of one round of grading every four years to the expense of ratepayers.
Priority One Pt. Macquarie Road it is the entry to Capertee Valley National Park and is unsealed and barely passable in a passenger car:  tourists, residents, workers, bushwalkers, birdwatchers and weekenders.

Macquarie Road needs widening and clearing of the verges.  Some endangered flora needs to be sacrificed for road safety.  The same flora grows in the private land fronting the road.

Macquarie Road has Bird Trail sites 13 and 14.
Priority Two Genowlan Road used to be graded once a year but the annual grading program has been extended to 15 to 18 months – this includes very poor approaches to the Genowlan River single lane Bridge in both directionsFrom time to time this requires a resident to fill the approaches.

Genowlan Road also has several blind crests on narrow single lane sections which, with increasing traffic use, is very dangerous.  Closer to Glen Alice Road at one of the narrow crests, huge boulders on the either side of the crest are also a hazard.

Please note that
Genowlan Bridge is a prime viewing point for bird watchers and it also needs give ways signs.  This is site 11 of the 19 Bird Trail sites in our recently produced brochure.

Please contact Mr Gorrell re a drain under the road which has been laid with a reverse grade and does not work thus causing road flooding and closes access.
Priority Three Upper Nile Road salinity and drainage issues ongoing but needs to be addressed
Priority Four Huntingdale Road is in a shocking state of repair with just a slippery, muddy goat track that can only be driven on down the centre of the road which is incredibly dangerous approaching crests and curves.
Priority Five Dunville Loop northern and southern ends has drainage issues causing bogging during wet periods when the roads become a slippery clay pan.  This has necessitated residents rescuing visitors, some at night.
Priority Six Crown Station Road has a lot of younger families driving kids to school and going shopping in Lithgow (If the Capertee Valley Way was sealed more valley residents would shop and work in Lithgow rather than go to Mudgee or Bathurst as they do now).
Note that a letter re poor road conditions was tabled from Barry Babbage, local postman for Northern Capertee Valley, at the community consultation meeting for Operational Plan with Council on 10th April 2013 at Glen Alice.
Priorities 7 on in no particular order are Home Hills Road, Marsden Road, Tambo Road, Jamieson Road, Myalla Road, Nile Road, Mortimers Road, Brymair Road, Numietta Road, Nightingales Road and Pinegrove Road
Observation and Suggestions.
Residents are concerned that from time to time expensive earthmoving equipment lies idle in the Capertee Valley for days and in some cases weeks unused.  We assume that this is at great cost to ratepayers.
The suggestion is that the use of contractors be explored for work so that we only pay for the time that this machinery is used.  It would have the added benefit of more hours worked per day as travelling time is reduced and adherence to start and finish times are more flexible.  This would benefit all ratepayers. 

At a meeting with the Operations Manager some time ago, residents asked that comparative cost be obtained.  Did this happen?
Verges on all roads require poisoning to stop plants growing through road surfaces.
Is there provision for annual programmed maintenance or are slashing etc ad hoc?
In Summary
We are all trying to develop our built environment, strengthen our economy and enhance our natural environment and raise and provide for our families. We need to work together to realise our dreams. We hope that with this submission we can make your decision-making far simpler than it might otherwise be. This is an update on our previous submission made in April 2010. Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.
Yours Sincerely
Wendy Williams, Vice-President Capertee Valley Alliance Inc.
Bruce Upton

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NSW Government White Paper on Planning Reforms

Dear Better Planning Network

Have you just watched the 7.30 News report on planning by Quentin Dempster?

Do you want to engage in the discussion?

You can let Quentin Demspter know what you think on Twitter @QuentinDempster

If you missed the report, you can view it online at www.abc.net.au/730 .

Kind regards

Corinne Fisher
Better Planning Network
Ph: 0421 831 889


20 April, 2013

3 Day Music and Arts Festival

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To view Psyfari Festival 2013, click here

Next Stage for the Lithgow Local Environmental Plan

Media ReleaseLithgow City Council 
12 April 2013
Next Stage for the Lithgow Local Environmental Plan
The next stage of the implementation of a modern planning scheme for Lithgow will commence when Lithgow Council considers a report on the LEP process at its next meeting on Monday night.  
All Councils in New South Wales have been required to prepare a new Principal Local Environmental Plan (LEP) so as to comply with a Standard Instrument which provides a common framework across the state. Council has done a lot of strategic work to this point and as a result the Land Use Strategy was adopted by Council in October 2011 and then endorsed by the New South Wales Department of Planning in May 2012. The next stage in the process is to seek approval from the Department of Planning to release the Draft LEP for public consultation.
“On Monday night Council will consider a report to apply to the Department of Planning to progress to the next stage of the LEP” said Lithgow City Council Mayor, Councillor Maree Statham “Council has been working on this Plan for some time and we are now quickly coming to decision time in relation to the LEP.”
“The LEP has not been comprehensively reviewed since the mid 1990’s and we need to have a plan in place that meets the needs of the local community along with meeting current planning requirements” said Mayor Statham.
“Whilst Council is required to work within the Standard Instrument format there are still some decisions that will be made locally, such as:
  • prepare additional local provisions that address local planning issues
  • add local objectives to the core zone objectives
  • add additional permitted or prohibited uses in the land use tables
  • review optional provisions in the LEP
  • specify what will be permitted as exempt and complying development
  • insert local criteria or standards into certain mandatory clauses
  • prepare maps that specify the lot sizes, building heights and floor space ratios appropriate to the local areas
  • define terms within local provisions
  • suggest new definitions to the Department of Planning for inclusion in the standard dictionary for all Councils to use.
Mayor Statham said “the Draft LEP will:
  • Provide a suite of land use zones to accord with the Standard Instrument LEP and support the strategic directions of the LUS;
  • Provide 50 ha of new industrial land at Marrangaroo and 104ha of heavy industrial land at the Minerals Processing Site, Wallerawang;
  • Identify a 310ha urban release area at Marrangaroo to provide for future growth in residential and allied urban land use and to ensure potential further growth is not compromised in the short term;
  • Provide a suite of land use zones to replace the Village Zone in the towns of Portland and Wallerawang;
  • Consolidate the commercial centre of Lithgow and differentiate the role of the commercial core and out of centre commercial areas;
  • Modify the zoning of land in the villages of Capertee, Rydal, Tarana and Lidsdale to consolidate village zoned lands and provide for large lot residential growth to support each village commensurate with its role in the settlement hierarchy;
  • Retain existing provisions in relation to rural minimum lot size and the erection of dwellings in the rural areas;
  • Retain existing areas available for unsewered large lot residential land use with the exception of the area to the northeast of Lidsdale;
  • Provide for serviced large lot residential areas at Lidsdale and on the southern urban fringe of Lithgow;
  • Contain provisions to protect the natural environment;
  • Contain provisions to align development growth with the provision of essential infrastructure;
  • Provide for the protection and conservation of items and areas of environmental heritage;
  • Classify or reclassify a number of public lands to accord with the provisions of the Local Government Act, 1993.”
“Council proposes to hold an extensive consultation period of in excess of 50 days being and somewhat longer than the minimum of 28 days, however this will be dependent upon authorization from the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.”
“The consultation period would involve notification through the media, Council website and social media. Council will also contact all those who previously registered their interest in the process and also with those who have made a submission in relation to the LUS.”
"This will be one of the most important decisions that a Council will make and it is important for local residents to be aware of this and be able to make an informed submission to Council on the proposal.”
“Once the public exhibition period has commenced Council would appreciate constructive submissions in relation to the proposed LEP” concluded Mayor Statham.

Mayor Maree Statham
Tel: 02 6354 9999
Fax: 02 6351 4259
Andrew Muir
Group Manager Environment and Development
Tel: 02 6354 9999
Fax: 02 6351 4259

2012/2013 Bitumen Re-seals Program Local Roads

Media ReleaseLithgow City Council 
15 April 2013
2012/2013 Bitumen Re-seals Program Local Roads
Re-sealing works on various local roads throughout the Local Government area are to be commencing shortly.
The bitumen resealing works are necessary in order to rejuvenate some older road pavement surfaces so as to restore them back to a satisfactory operational level and extending the longevity of pavement life.
Various roads, streets and laneways in the Lithgow Local Government Area have been identified as requiring much needed upgrading. Lithgow Council will commence this work in conjunction with its bitumen sealing contractor, Fulton Hogan, commencing from 29 April 2013. In the coming weeks residents will see Council preparing the various road surfaces (as listed below) in readiness for the bitumen spray sealing work. During the next 4 to 6 week period Council may be working in your street and asks for your patience and co-operation during the periods of work in order to make the necessary improvements to the road network.
Lithgow City Council Mayor Councillor Maree Statham said today “As part of Council’s on-going commitment to upgrading Council road network, the bitumen resurfacing program will be welcomed by many residents in restoring roads, residential streets and laneways alike back to near new condition”.
"Council will do its upmost to further advise residents of commencing works in individual streets, in order to make alternative arrangements should persons require to utilise their motor vehicles during the operational hours of the works", said Mayor Statham.
Roads to be resealed include:
1.      Wolgan Road Villiers Street 
2.      Tramway Ave 
3.      Vale Street
4.      Portland Street
5.      Williwa Street
6.      Illford Street

1.      Cripps Avenue
2.      Brays Lane
3.      Brays Lane Causeway

1.      Davy Street
2.      Second Street
3.      Longworth Street
4.      Jim Muir Drive
5.      Durie Street
6.      Durie Street Laneway
7.      Inch Street Laneway
8.      King Street Lane
9.      Waratah Lane
10.    Rifle/Martini Parade Laneway
11.    Corner of Beaufort Street & Bren Streets
12.    Stephenson Street
13.    Geordie Street
14.    Fullagar Avenue
15.    Pimpala Street (Marrangaroo)
Mayor Statham added “These works are Council’s commitment to further improving local road infrastructure now, whilst Council also plans on providing this commitment to carry the bitumen re-sealing works program for many other roads into future financial years”.
This work is another commitment by Council in providing road infrastructure to meet the needs of the community and forming part of Councils 'Developing the built environment strategy in the Community Strategic Plan vision 2025’.

Mayor Maree Statham
Tel: 02 6354 9999
Fax: 02 6351 4259

Protect the Gardens of Stone

Date: 19 April 2013 9:00:00 AM
Subject: 21st April - Rally to Protect Gardens of Stone

Sunday 21st April 2013
Join us for a rally: "Protect the Gardens of Stone"

When:  11AM, Sunday 21 April
Where:  Springwood Town Square, Springwood, NSW
What: A fun, family-orientated rally in support of the Gardens of Stone which is part of the Icons Under Threat Tour

The statewide campaign to protect the Gardens of Stone has focused on the imminent threat to the area from the Coalpac Consolidation Project proposal over the last two years.
The NSW Government is in the final stages of assessing this project, and we need your help to send a loud a clear message to help see this proposal rejected and conserve the Gardens of Stone once and for all!

This is a community initiative by the Blue Mtns Conservation Society, Lithgow Environment Group and Nature Conservation Council of NSW.
Join the FaceBook event page: www.facebook.com/events/134901883364799/

Thanks so much!


Justin McKee
Campaigner, Media Spokesperson, Consultant
M: 0404 824 020

Native Seed Collection Workshop

16 April, 2013

Glen Alice School- P and C Fundraiser Spring Bulbs

Glen Alice School - P&C Association Inc. Fundraiser.

Glen Alice School

Beaumont Street
Glen Alice.

Glen Alice P&C is having a fundraiser in conjunction with Garden Express.

To obtain a Price list and place Orders for;

Spring Bulb Collections - Farmer's Bargain, Water Wise, Exquisite Bulb Packs, Bulk Bargain Packs.

To place an order contact Glen Alice School P&C, orders and money need to be in by 1st May 2013 to enable bulbs to be returned ready for winter planting.

Contact:  Pres P&C Jodi Hargreaves - 6379 7363 (brochure and order form available).

14 April, 2013

Hazard reduction update

Hazard reduction fire crew at Watervale, by Glenda Gorrell

Hazard Reduction photos

From: vickipowys
Sent: Sunday, 14 April 2013 8:46 AM
To: Capertee Valley Alliance
Subject: Mt Genowlan fire - photos

Donna & Bruce,

Thanks for your notification about the burn.  There was no letterbox drop or
anything.  I was able to inform most of my neighbours by email the day
before the burn to warn them of potential smoke (some of my neighbours have
health issues).

The valley is still full of smoke this morning.

These photos were taken yesterday (Saturday) lunchtime from Coco Creek area,
looking west.  You can see where the incendiaries have just landed on the
talus slopes, while the top of the mountain seems well and truly alight.

13 April, 2013

the LEP (Local Environmental Plan) is back on the agenda

The LEP is back on the Agenda for this Monday nights Council Meeting.

Extension of time for public submissions for Draft Tourism Strategy/Destination Management Plan to 10 May 2013

To all stakeholders,
At its meeting of 18 March 2013, Council resolved to place on public exhibition the Draft Tourism Strategy/Destination Management Plan for a period of 28 days.  Tourism Advisory Committee is now recommending to Council we extend for another 14 days due to the exhibition period being on during Easter break and School holidays
If adopted the Strategy will provide a Strategic Planning Framework, including the vision and directions for coordinating tourism development in the local government area, and the strategies and actions to develop and manage the destination and facilitate growth.
The Draft Strategy is available for viewing at Council’s Administration Building, the Lithgow Visitor Information Centre, the Lithgow Library Learning Centre, Wallerawang Library, Portland Library and the Council website http://www.council.lithgow.com/gen_exhibitions.html
As your business is a stakeholder in delivering the actions for the Strategy we would appreciate if you could take the take to view the strategy and provide any feedback or comments.
Written submissions are to be addressed to the General Manager and marked "Submission on Draft Tourism Strategy" must be received by 4pm on 10 May 2013 to be considered in the finalisation of the strategy.
If you have any questions please let me know


Kellie Barrow | Tourism ManagerLithgow Visitor Information Centre | LITHGOW CITY COUNCIL
PH (02) 63503 230 | FAX (02) 6350 3239 | MOB 0417 289 745

11 April, 2013

Lithgow City Council Delivery Program and Operational Plan 2013-2014 Financial Year

Dear Residents, Capertee, Glen Davis Glen Alice, Bogee and Mt Marsden.
Urgent attention

RE: Road Priority Report 2013 submission to Lithgow City Council in regard to the  Delivery Program and Operational Plan 2013-2014 (1/7/2013 to 30/6/2014 financial year)

Capertee Valley Alliance Vice-President, Wendy Williams, has agreed to write a submission based on your concerns and is asking for all residents to email or ring to discuss their observation in ‘their neck of the woods’ on all aspects of roads/signage/so they can be addressed in the submission  to Lithgow Council, which has to be in by close of business day Friday 19th April 2013.

Your concerns need to be emailed or phoned to Wendy by 17th April next week. This gives Wendy two days to prepare the submission. (photos would assist if available or contact Bruce Upton)
Phone 6379 7730

Hazard Reduction Burn Airly & Genowlan areas

Hazard Reduction Burn in Mugii Murrum-Ban State Conservation Area this Friday

The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is planning a hazard reduction burn in the Mugii Murrumban SCA commencing this Friday, 12th April.

The 1500 hectare burn has been planned in conjunction with the Capertee and Glen Alice Rural Fire Service Brigades and will extend from Genowlan Trig along the ridge above Dog Trap Creek. The burn will be a low intensity fire designed to reduce fire fuel loadings on the ridge tops and will be lit using a helicopter.

The fire will be visible from the Glen Davis road and Pearson’s Lookout

The NPWS has advised that the burn is likely to visible for 4 to 5 days. NPWS and RFS crews will be in attendance for the duration of the hazard reduction. The State Conservation Area will be closed to the public for the duration of the hazard reduction

People with asthma or those more susceptible to respiratory problems are advised to try and keep clear of the immediate area or stay indoors when there is a lot of smoke about.

Any enquiries should be directed to the NPWS at Mudgee on 6370 9000

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10 April, 2013

Capertee and District Progress Assn meeting Monday 8th April 2013 New schedule

At the meeting held last Monday 8th April at Capertee Memorial Hall we were told that Australia Post at the last minute cancelled their attendance to discuss the restoration of Capertee P.O. services.

A local resident had organised the attendance of Australia Post and placed notices in the residents letter box's who were affected by the Capertee Post Office closure.

Australia Post informed the resident  of Capertee too late to effectively notify residents and Capertee and District Progress Assn of their non attendance.

Australia Post have stated  to the resident that they will attend on Tuesday 16th April at 7.00pm at Capertee Memorial Hall.

Apologies for any inconvenience to residents.

09 April, 2013

Dragonfly photos taken in the Capertee Valley by Vicki Powys

A stunning collection of dragonfly photos by Vicki Powys, click here to view more

Vicky has taken breathtaking pictures!

We had a large dragonfly hit the window last weekend. I didn't see what colour it was but will look more closely in future.
I was hoping we'd found the famous giant dragonfly :) http://www.uow.edu.au/~sharonb/wingecarribee/value/dragonfly.html