21 January, 2014


Girribung Creek Fire: Wollemi National Park

The Girribung Creek Fire in Wollemi National Park started on the 20th of December following dry lightning storms across the Park. The fire expanded significantly under severe weather conditions and is now just over 43 000 hectares.

The fire is in a very remote part of Wollemi National Park generally to the east of Gospers Mountain, and no property is under threat. The fire has significant natural fire breaks around it and large areas that have recently burnt to the east and west.

Over 30 National Parks and Wildlife Service fire fighters and a number of helicopters continue working on containing and mopping up the fire. The fire operation is being managed from the NPWS depot in Rylstone.

Ongoing dry conditions have tested fire fighters and containments for the fire. The southern edge of the fire has now burnt out and held above the Capertee River, the western edge of the fire is contained on the Running Stream and Coorangooba Creeks and the northern edge of the fire is contained by Koondah and Ovens Creeks.

Coorangooba Camping area (near Glen Davis) remains closed to the public.

Whilst the main fire has burnt out and is now contained, unfortunately a spot fire crossed the Colo River to the south last Friday. This fire is now around 600 hectares but is contained by natural fire breaks and creek systems. No property is under threat and the fire will be monitored regularly from the air.

Unfortunately, on Sunday afternoon another dry lightning storm across the park started three new fires – two to the north west of Nullo Mountain and one north of Blackwater creek in the Widden Valley. Rapid response by helicopters and NPWS fire fighters has seen the two Nullo Mountain fires contained and work is progressing well on containment of the Blackwater fire.   

Whilst the weather forecast for coming days is more favourable with lower temperatures and moister conditions, there are still several large areas of contained fire on the Singleton side of the park burning within containments. These pockets will continue to burn out and may generate a significant amount of smoke. This smoke is likely to continue to be present across the area for at least a week and up to 14 days.

Depending on wind conditions, smoke is likely to be experienced in the Capertee Valley, Kandos and Rylstone areas.

The fire is being continually monitored as NPWS and RFS crews work towards full containment.

For further information on progress of the fire, please visit the Rural Fire Service Website at www.rfs.nsw.gov.au

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