19 January, 2014

Capertee Valley a national treasure

Lithgow Mercury Jan. 16,2014,4 a.m.

Bathurst Paul Toole (left) with Capertee Valley Alliance Group
member Donna Upton and president of the Capertee Valley
Progress Association Karl Hansen.

MEMBER for Bathurst Paul Toole recently undertook a tour of the Capertee Valley
as the guest of the Capertee Valley Alliance and the Capertee Valley Progress

"The visit allowed me to see some of the signage works across the Valley that were
undertaken following funding by the NSW Government to the Lithgow City Council,"
Mr Toole said.

"It is always pleasing to actually see the wonderful results at the completion of these
"The Capertee valley is one of the most spectacular international locations.
"The valley is a World Heritage listed wilderness.

The Capertee valley is the world's second largest canyon and is a kilometre longer
than the Grand Canyon, but not quite as deep News 0 Business
·with the most incredible panoramic views across the valley this is a unique and
beautiful landscape that we all should take the time to enjoy.

Capertee valley abounds in flora and wildlife and is home to more species of birds
than anywhere else in the Southern Hemisphere, making the valley a bird watchers
paradise .
There is enormous tourism potential in the Capertee valley and these are the types
of projects that make it much simpler for visitors to traverse the area and to
understand what it has to offer.

''The community spirit of residents across the valley is outstanding with volunteers
giving hours of their time in cleaning up sites and ensuring that this environmental
treasure is maintained for the enjoyment of all visitors.
"Each of them are to be congratulated for their commitment and dedication."
The great Australian balladeer, Henry Lawson paused in the Capertee valley long
enough to draw inspiration from this dramatic landscape in his poem "Song of the
Old Bullock Driver:

Then slowly we crawled
by the trees that kept tally,
Of the miles that were passed
on the long journey down,
We saw the wild country
of the Capertee valley
As slowly we rounded

the base of the Crown.

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