20 March, 2014

NBN Satellite news from John Cobb's office

Some time ago you discussed the reliability of your NBN satellite service with Mr Cobb. New information has come to light regarding this issue and I thought it would be of interest to you.
There are several issues contained in the concerns that you raised and I have attempted to cover them below.
On 18 December the National Broadband Networks Interim Satellite Service (ISS) reached its capacity limit of 48,000 customers.  Registrations for new ISS services are no longer accepted.
While Labor claimed 250,000 premises were eligible for the service, the deal agreed by NBN Co and its providers only ever included enough capacity for 48,000 users.
Under Labor NBN Co also mismanaged the service by failing to enforce limits on the fair use customers make of the service.  This is why service quality has recently degraded.
The Coalition Government and NBN Co are investigating whether it is possible to offer expanded temporary capacity, but no feasible option for this has been identified.
The NBN Long Term Satellite Service is due to be launched in 2015.  Once NBN Cos two satellites are in service, they will provide high-speed broadband to eligible premises across mainland Australia. Once these satellites are in place ISS users will be migrated to the LTSS.
There are other options for broadband access in remote areas.  Alternatives include mobile broadband and commercial satellite services. We recommend that you speak to your preferred phone or internet service provider to discuss your options.
If you are experiencing performance issues with your satellite service you should speak with your service provider. NBN Co works closely with service providers to investigate any problems.
I hope this has helped to answer some of your questions regarding the satellite service. The situation is far from ideal however the Government cannot reverse the errors of the past, only learn from them and ensure high-speed broadband becomes a reality for regional and remote Australians.

If you require any further assistance please dont hesitate to call the office on 6331 0524.

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