30 March, 2014

The disappearing streams

November 2012

This was the last good rain we had in November 2012 some 15 months ago.
The photos following were taken as close to these spots as possible.

March 2014
The following is the flow after 300 odd mm in the
last 4 weeks we had 58mm yesterday and the creek has always come down after
good rain, we even got the milking cow across this side of the creek
expecting it to flow. This has never happened in our time at Watervale.

Can anyone explain the disappearing water?


John Murray said...

Perhaps feild capacity has not yet been reached.
Water may be recharging the aquifer, and has yet to reach the surface level of the stream beds.

I suspect they will start flowing soon.

Anonymous said...

There are known to be large limestone caves in this area, perhaps that has something to do with it?