02 April, 2014

Groundwater Vulnerability Map

Whenever groundwater is present there is the potential for it to be adversely affected by human activity as no soil or rock is completely impermeable, and no
pollutant completely immobile.

Groundwater vulnerability maps are a tool that allow planners, developers and regulatory agencies to make informed judgements on where to locate potentially polluting activities so as to minimize the risk to groundwater resources should a spill or leakage occur. The correct siting of potentially polluting industries protects groundwater and surface water as both resources are directly linked.

The concept of groundwater vulnerability recognizes that the risks of pollution from a given activity are greater in certain hydrogeological, geological and soil situations than others.

The preparation of a groundwater vulnerability map necessarily requires the simplification of complex geological and hydrogeological situations. It is therefore important to take into account local site conditions when assessing a particular development. Vulnerability maps are designed only as a guide and are not intended to replace an environmental impact assessment.

Map has been compiled from data supplied from the : Department of Land and Water Conservation, NSW Land and Property Information New South Wales. Dated 2001

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