06 April, 2014



 Is anyone/no one worried about the effect Airly/Genowlan Coal mine will have on their water ? There is no doubt that the mining in our valley over Airly/Genowlan is a much bigger imminent threat than any CSG mining in the valley & that all research & science proves their will be an impact on our groundwater. 
It is therefore imperative that we all pull together to offer as much assistance & support, especially in the lead up to the response to Centennials' EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) statement  due to be submitted for EA Exhibition  sometime in April 2014.
You will have 28 days to respond.

Director General's Requirements for the environmental assessment (to be prepared by the proponent) have been issued for the project.

Please, I know we are all very busy...but many hands make light work....& with limited resources to engage consultants & so far ..very few people who have shown any real interest or offered any assistance...the outcome will not be a positive one. Dr Phillip Pells (top water consultant, who has worked on behalf of many communities), has stated there will definitely be an impact on water...if mining interacts shallow acquifers - the result can be immediate, & if deeper aquifer's are intercepted, there will definitely be impact, which will become obvious somewhere down the track....This will include all locations in the valley from Mt Marsden to Capertee.

At the end of the day if we can do the maximum amount of work to enable protection of our water, which after all is our most valuable resource......we at least can feel satisfied we have done everything  in our power to secure our water...not just for us, but for those who come after.......

Please if you feel you can offer assistance in any way - research, phone calls, letters, monitoring of the water bores in situ (placed by NSW Water), photos of significant changes in valley - waterways, vegetation etc, monitoring your own bores(this can be done by placing a line down your bore with a weight at the end & when you here the weight touch the water , pull the line out & work out the depth). This should be done on a regular basis............then please email or phone myself on 0428223301 or Mary Thirlwall on 0400440525.

It is too late after the event to regret not having been more actively involved. CVA is acting in your interest, but cannot do it alone without community support.
Please forward this email onto your fellow residents who may not be aware of this pending issue.

Donna and Mary
On behalf of CVA Inc.
Mining Sub-Committee

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