08 April, 2014

Submission by Lithgow Council re Ceemac CSG proposal

13th March 2014

The Manager
Coal & Petroleum Titles and Systems Company
PO BOX 344
Hunter Region Mail Centre NSW 2310


Dear Sir/Madam
Petroleum Exploration Licence Application 158 made by Ceemac Pty Ltd

Lithgow Council has examined the proposal for the abovementioned Petroleum Exploration Licence 
Application 158 made by Ceemac Pty Ltd and wishes to express its concern in relation to the 
application. The primary reason for Council’s concern is the number of potential environmental 
impacts from CSG exploration and extraction. These include, but are not limited to:
              Dewatering of groundwater aquifers
              Impacts on stream flow and water quality
              Land subsidence
              Damage to river ecosystems
              Leaching of gas during actual methane gas production
Whilst Council understands the potential environmental impacts of Coal Seam Gas extraction are open 
to debate it believes a precautionary approach has merit.
It would be of assistance to Council in better understanding the proposal and the
issues if a representative of NSW Trade and Investment, Division of Resources and Energy Minerals 
and Petroleum or the proponent could provide Council’s Environmental Advisory Committee with 
further information through the form of a meeting or presentation. This will assist in making 
informed decisions about the implications of CSG activities with the LGA.
Yours sincerely,
AC Muir
Group Manager Environment & Development

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