26 May, 2014

NPWS Aerial Shoot 28th May

From: Michelle Barton [mailto:Michelle.Barton@environment.nsw.gov.au]
Sent: Monday, 19 May 2014 12:20 PM

Subject: NPWS Aerial Shoot 28th May

We will be conducting our follow-up aerial shoot in Capertee NP and Mugii Murum-ban SCA next Wednesday 28th May between 8am and 4pm, weather permitting. Both reserves are officially closed for the entire day, so there will be no public access available on Wednesday 28th.

The April shoot was very successful, so we are hoping for an equally good outcome this time. Contact me if you would like any more information.


Michelle Barton
NPWS – Blue Mountains

Ph: 0418 184 820

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