06 June, 2014

Capertee Valley Garden Group day - soil and water testing Central Tablelands Local Land Services.

Friday June 13th - next group @ Alex's
Windmill Glen Davis Road Glen Davis
  10.00am start

Hi all

To start with, a big thank you to everyone who helped with the saffron picking last week.  I think Greg and Kat really appreciated it.

 Clare Edwards  Senior Land Services Officer (Pastures) 
Central Tablelands Local Land Services
 is happy to come down and to do some soil and basic water testing with us for the June group, which should be interesting and something a bit different.  If everyone brings an ice cream container of their best (and another container of your worst, if you like) garden soil we can do some basic testing on the spot.  We can also bring some pastures samples (which is her main area of expertise- possible feature for a longer workshop later on?) She will also talk us through the sampling procedure and point us in the right direction if we want to get into more sophisticated testing.  We can bring some water samples also to test.  

There is no charge for this - so we are lucky that she is coming down.  Because this is our first "guest speaker"  I want to be sure there is enough interest to make it worth her while... can you send me a quick email letting me know if you will be coming or not? 

best wishes


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