18 June, 2014

Submission Guide

Submission Guide
Crown Lands White Paper
Due date: Friday 20 June 5pm
Post:      Crown Lands Management Review
NSW Trade & Investment
PO Box 2185 Dangar NSW 2309

Suggested talking points:

1.         The NSW Government has failed to recognise the significant environmental values of Crown lands, their importance in providing ecosystem services on a landscape scale nor their contribution to Goal 22 in the State Plan: to protect our natural environment.
2.         The Crown lands estate covers millions of hectares, including significant areas of high conservation value. In central and western NSW this represents a significant proportion of the remaining native vegetation within some catchments.
3.         Crown lands in urban areas can contain important remnant vegetation and can be critical to the survival of resident, itinerant and migratory birds and other animals.
4.        The Crown lands estate has diverse environmental, social and cultural values, including opportunities for low impact recreation, education and scientific research.
5.         The review of Crown lands failed to meet the terms of reference to identify the key public benefits by not conducting an environmental, cultural or social assessment of the assets.
6.         The proposed objects of the new legislation do not include the protection of high conservation values and ecosystem services of Crown Land or the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development.
7.         All Crown land must have a plan of management that identifies and protects environmental, heritage and social values including natural resource management requirements to ensure accountability and transparency in Crown land management.
8.         A number of proposals are supported: for example, improved provisions for increased auditing, officer powers consistent with POEO Act, longer time limit for commencing proceedings against breaches, prosecutions to be brought to Land and Environment Court, and stop work orders.
9.         The sale or free-holding of Crown land is not supported.
10.     The network of Travelling Stock Routes and Reserves has significant environmental, cultural heritage and social values. The public benefit of multi-use of these Crown lands must be retained.

You may also want to address the following points in your submission:

·                Your opinion on Crown land being handed over to Local Government to manage, especially when proposed changes to the Local Government Act could weaken protections on community  land
·                A local patch of Crown land with important environmental values and strong community participation that can be used as a case study in your submission
·                Your opinion on the removal of commons and common trusts

For more information, and to download a copy of the Government’s White Paper:

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