06 July, 2014

Department of Planning & Environment, Mining Projects Refusal for 1 weeks extension for submissions by local community.

Department of Planning & Environment, Mining Projects 
 Notice of Airly Mine Modification Application (DA 162/91 Mod 3
Dear Mr Watt,
Planning Officer, Mining Projects.
Cc Mr Phillips
RE 2 weeks’ time frame for submissions. DUE 9/7/2014

Notice of Airly Mine Modification Application (DA 162/91 MOD 3)

CVA Inc. has been asked to convey to the Department concerns for  residents in the Capertee Valley who are unable  to use computers and that Capertee Valley is  classified “Remote Australia” to send in a submission when 2 week notice was given by the Dept of Planning.

Residents who do not live here full time  have had little time to digest the Application let alone  dissect and seek information as to respond in a meaningful way.

To receive the Notice of Airly Mine Modification Application (DA 162/91 Mod 3)  and be given 2 weeks to respond during school holidays given the complexity of Airly Mine and the fact that it dates back to 1991 is unacceptable and extraordinary! 

For the Dept. to assume that the Application is just a simple Modification is an exaggeration to say the least given that Centennial and the Environment Groups political stance and agreement apparently made between both parties prior to this MOD3  without the majority of residents input and knowledge  is confusing to the community.
Especially residents who have bought  into the valley after 2009.

At the Special Monitoring Committee meetings,  Capertee Valley Alliance Inc. (observer only)  did not  see any correspondence  in this regard.

CVA Inc. attended Centennial office in 2009 and asked to be a member of the Special Monitoring Committee and we were declined  by the members of the committee.

CVA Inc asked Centennial Employee, John Sandona for a copy of all the Minutes prior to 2009 and  received one set of Minutes between 1991 and 2009.

How does the Dept consider that the community in the Capertee Valley were well informed?

How does Centennial consider speaking to Capertee & District Progress Assn  meeting’s  which was for most of the time not a proper Incorporated Organisation due to lack of membership  during  the period 2009 to 2014, as speaking to the community?

The injustice of the time frames to support mining companies in favour of affected communities and the unfair playing field only supports the views of some that the Government only wants the whole thing to move ahead as fast as possible.
To expect the community to write two letters is totally unreasonable.

We are disappointed that the Dept. would not grant the community 1 weeks extension.

Donna Upton
Capertee Valley Alliance Inc.

This is the response from the Planning Officer Mining Projects, Thomas Watt

From: Thomas Watt [mailto:thomas.watt@planning.nsw.gov.au]
Sent: Wednesday, 2 July 2014 11:06 AM
To: Capertee Valley Alliance
Subject: RE: Notice of Airly Mine Modification Application (DA 162/91 Mod 3)

Hi Donna,

We request that you send part of your submission to us by 9 July (within the exhibition period) and will accept a further submission completing your original submission up to 15 July. This may apply to other members of the community.


Thomas Watt
Planning Officer
Mining Projects
Department of Planning & Environment
23-33 Bridge Street | GPO Box 39 SYDNEY  NSW  2001

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