26 July, 2014

Mine's Aboriginal 'rock art' found to be authentic'

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Subject: ABC Rural: (Coalpac) 'Mine's Aboriginal 'rock art' found to be authentic'.

ABC Rural:  (Coalpac) 'Mine's Aboriginal 'rock art' found to be authentic'.

"Environmental groups say Aboriginal rock art at a site earmarked for a controversial coal mine, has been proven to be authentic.

A report commissioned by mining company Coalpac, questioned the age of the art, saying it's probably a replica of a traditional hand stencil, dating back just a few years.

Environmentalists have been battling the project to reopen two open cut coal mines, fearing it will damage a region called the Gardens of Stones near the Blue Mountains in New South Wales.

Lithgow Environment Group's president Dr Richard Stiles, says the finding poses questions about the original archaeological investigation at the unique Pagoda landscape in the Ben Bullen State Forest.

"There was a question of the authenticity of a white hand stencil, they found that hand stencil to be authentic, they found a number of other hand stencils in the cave, in the floor of the cave they found chert stone tools, which suggested previous Aboriginal habitation,

"I think it leads to questions about the due diligence of Coalpac's consultant's report and it really makes you question how an archaeological consultant could say those things, when there is so much evidence in this cave that there's been Aboriginal occupation and artwork in it," Dr Stiles says."

Read the full story and hear the audio at this link:  http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-07-25/coalpac-rock-art/5624222

Is anyone else thinking that the insolvent Group of Coalpac companies may have already known that their recent public claims in disputing the age of rock art near their Coal Mine at Cullen Bullen was possibly nothing more than a replica of a traditional hand stencil dating back just a few years were false, particularly given that there was mention at all of their (now) false claim in their recent Coalpac Community Newsletter?

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