21 August, 2014

abolishing the Renewable Energy Target (RET)

As you may or may not have heard, according to an article in the Australian Financial Review on Monday; “the federal government is moving towards abolishing the Renewable Energy Target (RET).”
The RET funds the solar rebate for homes and businesses.
As a nation with abundant sun and well over 1 million homes and businesses with solar, this is a shock that may potentially result in our progress towards a more sustainable energy future screeching to a halt.
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The sad fact of this news, is that axing the RET will not benefit homeowners or business; but rather the fossil fuel generators and utility networks. Fossil fuel companies are set to make an extra $25B in profit if this is axed.
This is not in the interest of Australia.
John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Council says why this is an issue that we should all stand up for:
  • Axing the Renewable Energy Target will make it much, much harder for Australian families to reduce their power bills
  • Under the current scheme, families can reduce their power bills by more than 65 per cent with solar, but the Abbott Government wants to make it harder for families to access solar
  • The solar industry employs 18,000 people nationally – more than the coal industry. These jobs are now on the line.
  • $18 billion of new investment, and thousands of new jobs, is being thrown on the scrap heap.
  • This is a clear broken promise. Before the election, the Coalition promised to protect the Renewable Energy Target. The Abbott Government is now trashing this election promise
While developed & developing countries alike, push forward and continually increase their Renewable Energy Targets; Australia is set to become the only country in the entire world to get rid of a Renewable Energy Target. Sounds pretty embarrassing, doesn’t it?
However, there is something that we can do - we need to make our voices heard loudly and clearly that scrapping the RET is not something that Australians want.
You can take action by doing the following:

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