25 September, 2014

Aussie Bird Count 20-26th October

You can register to take part by following this link (scroll down once it opens) there’ll be a free bird identifier app too.

Here’s what they say:
Celebrate National Bird Week 2014 by taking part in the biggest citizen science project to hit Aussie shores. From 20 - 26 October, thousands of people from across the country are heading out into their backyards, local parks or favourite open green spaces to take part in the first ever AUSSIE BACKYARD BIRD COUNT!
To get involved all you need is 20 minutes and some keen eyesight or binoculars. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or an expert — we’ll be there to help you out along the way. Simply record the birds you know and look up those you don’t on our new Aussie Bird Count app (free download available in October) or on our website. You’ll instantly see live statistics and information on how many people are taking part and the number of birds and species counted not just across your neighbourhood but the whole of Australia.
Not only will you get to know your feathered friends, but you’ll be contributing to a vital pool of information from across the nation that will help us see how Australian birds are faring. Birds are unique indicators of environmental health. If they are doing well, then so are we.
So get your friends and family together, head into the great outdoors and start counting!

19 September, 2014

Airly Mine Extension Project

Airly Mine Extension Project
Application No SSD 5581
Location Glen Davis Road, Capertee
Applicant Centennial Airly Pty Limited
Council Area Lithgow City
Consent Authority Minister for Planning
The proposal involves:
 expansion of an existing underground coal mine using bord and pillar and pillar extraction mining methods to produce up to 1.8 million tonnes per annum of run-of-mine coal for up to 20 years;
 construction of a reject emplacement area, sediment dams, dewatering bores and associated infrastructure;
 construction of a previously approved coal handling and preparation plant;
 transportation of processed coal by rail to market; and
 decommissioning all site infrastructure on completion of operations, and rehabilitating the site.

The Development Application, Environmental Impact Statement and other accompanying documents may be viewed on the Department’s website (http://www.planning.nsw.gov.au) and may be inspected from Friday 19 September 2014 until Friday 31 October 2014 during regular business hours at:
Department of Planning & Environment: Information Centre, 23-33 Bridge Street, Sydney;
Lithgow City Council: 180 Mort Street, Lithgow;
Capertee General Store: Castlereagh Highway, Capertee; and
Nature Conservation Council: Level 2, 5 Wilson Street, Newtown.

Controlled Action under EPBC Act
The proposal is a “controlled action” under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. This means it requires the approval of the Commonwealth Minister for the Environment. The Department of the Environment has decided that this project can be assessed by accredited assessment under the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. Consequently, the relevant EPBC Act matters will be assessed under the NSW assessment process.

Any person wishing to make a submission should use the online form if possible. To find the online form go to the web-page for this proposal via www.majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/page/on-exhibition.
Your submission must reach the Department by Friday 31 October 2014. Before making your submission, please read our Privacy Statement at www.planning.nsw.gov.au/privacy or for a copy ring the number below.
The Department will publish your submission on its website in accordance with the privacy statement.
If you cannot lodge online you can write to the address below. If you want the Department to delete your personal information before publication, please make this clear at the top of your letter. You need to include:
 your name and address, at the top of the letter only;
 the name of the application and the application number;
 a statement on whether you support or object to the proposal;
 the reasons why you support or object to the proposal; and
 a declaration of any reportable political donations made in the previous two years. To find out what is reportable, and for a disclosure form, go to planning.nsw.gov.au/donations or ring the number below for a copy.

Phone: Information Centre - 1300 305 695 or Thomas Watt 9228 6375
Address: Development Assessment Systems & Approvals, Department of Planning & Environment,

GPO Box 39 SYDNEY NSW 2001. Your submission should be marked Attention: Director, Mining Projects.

15 September, 2014

Dunn Swamp(Ganguddy) & Kayak Hire

Southern Cross Kayaking will be returning to Dunns Swamp (Ganguddy) next week and will be operating from Saturday 20th September until Sunday 12th October inclusive, with kayak hire available all day and guided kayak tours (1.5 - 2 hours) departing daily at 9:00am.

For more information & Bookings, call Cindy or John on 0439936480 or see www.southerncrosskayaking.com.au

Australia is preparing for a change in TV frequenies

Australia is retuning

Some TV channels are changing their frequency as the final step in the move to digital-only TV. You'll need to retune your TV, set-top box or digital recorder when these changes happen in your area. If you don't, you won't be able to receive all free-to-air digital TV channels.

The retune began in May 2013 and is due to be completed by 31 December 2014. Different people will need to retune on different dates. To find your area's retune date, use the ‘Get retune info' box at click here

12 September, 2014

Environmental incentives available

From: Peter Evans [mailto:peter.evans@lls.nsw.gov.au]
Sent: Friday, 12 September 2014 12:12 PM

Subject: LLS incentives


There is a new round of environmental incentives available through the Central Tablelands LLS. I was wondering if you could promote these through your networks.

The process of how we previously looked at expressions of interest (EOI) has changed. There is now a opening and closing period, EOI's recieved after the closing date will not be considered for that funding round.  If any is interested in the funding , my advise would be to express your interest sooner rather than later.

Peter Evans | Senior Land Services Officer
Central Tablelands Local Land Services
3 Ordnance Ave Lithgow| PO Box 3109 | Bowenfels  NSW  2790
T: 02 6350 3111 | F: 02 6352 2326 | M: 0422 735 888| E: peter.evans@lls.nsw.gov.au

Roads to Recovery bitumen seal in the Capertee Valley

An early start to the 2014/2015 ‘Roads to Recovery’ (R2R) program’ will be made on two sections of road in the Capertee Valley
This year the 2014-2015 R2R program for the Glen Davis Road will provide for an additional 1km of bitumen seal work, extending from the existing section toward Glen Davis. 
Work is planned to commence September/October 2014.
"Council will also be undertaking a further 1km extension to the bitumen seal on the Glen Alice Road just north of the Glen Alice village,"  Lithgow City Council Mayor, Councillor Maree Statham said. "Last financial year Glen Alice received funding from the Roads to Recovery program and again in 2014/2015 will benefit with an additional 1km of seal to extend the road network heading toward Rylstone".
click here to read the full story in the Mercury 

Australian Taxation Office proposal to move outsourced backroom functions to Asia.

The main public sector union is demanding urgent talks with the Australian Taxation Office over a proposal to move outsourced backroom functions to Asia.

The CPSU says it is "deeply concerned" after revelations that a giant multinational contractor wants to take ATO work to the Philippines and that Health Department work has been going to India for years.

The Canberra Times revealed on Wednesday that contracting behemoth Accenture wants to undertake "data-testing" for the ATO in Manila with the Taxation Office insisting that no actual data would go offshore under the proposal.

click here to read the full story

10 September, 2014

Long-haul Economy Class Flight Comparison Chart

A Bit of trivia, how much width and pitch (knee room) is there in long haul aircraft in a number of companies, find out click here

Short haul figures here

More pain to come for coal

Despite fierce cost cutting across the ­Australian coal sector, industry veterans are tipping more mine closures this year, as losses for a growing number of miners for the first time balloon out to exceed the fixed costs of their port and rail contracts. The industry is in survival mode.
Queensland Resources Council president Michael Roche says 10 per cent of miners in the state are in a “very precarious position”, particularly in lower grade coking coal and thermal coal.
Fresh figures from the council show a quarter of the state’s coal output is produced at a loss, including half of all production of thermal coal, used in power stations. One in 10 tonnes produced at Queensland coal mines is done so at a loss of more than $14 a tonne, Mr Roche says. Industry sources say the situation is similar in New South Wales.
source - Financial Review 28 May 2014

click here to read more

Daily Telegraph: 'Bureaucrats’ gravy train to paradise:

Councillors’ getaway funded by ratepayers to the tune of $400,000.'

HUNDREDS of Councillors and bureaucrats will enjoy a ratepayer-funded getaway to ­a Coffs Harbour Government Conference branded by some Councillors a “joke”. 

As ratepayers struggle to pay their bills, The Daily Telegraph can reveal up to $400,000 will be spent by Councils to send delegates to the Local Government NSW seminar.

The event — held alongside beachside resorts and golf courses — will include daily happy hours, partners’ tours and an additional $154-a-head gala dinner at the Bonville Golf Resort.

Registration prices for the Conference range between $880 and $990."

Mayor Maree Statham, Deputy Mayor Ray Thompson, Councillor Col Hunter, General Manager Roger Bailey with Councillors Peter Pilbeam and Ross Higlett indicating their intentions to attend as alternate Delegates or 'Observers' if required.

I wonder who pays for transport etc to get to Coffs harbour?  

Release of unassigned groundwater

From: Mitchell Isaacs [mailto:Mitchell.Isaacs@water.nsw.gov.au]
Sent: Tuesday, 9 September 2014 3:15 PM

Subject: Controlled allocation order

Just letting you know that a controlled allocation order was made today, making available 5% of currently unassigned groundwater across the state.

Further information is available on our website here:

Please note that acquiring a water access licence does not provide an automatic right to take water from a certain location, however a pre-assessment to take water from a nominated work at a specified location can be requested as part of the registration of interest.


Mitchell Isaacs | Manager Strategic Stakeholder Liaison

Department of Primary Industries | NSW Office of Water Level 11, 10 Valentine Ave Parramatta NSW 2124  | PO Box 3720 Parramatta NSW 2124
T: 02 8838 7529 | M: 0403 103 823 | Emitchell.isaacs@water.nsw.gov.au
W: www.water.nsw.gov.au

A few points by CVA -

  • It will ONLY be advertised in the Sydney papers and the Land, not in local papers.
  • We are in Sydney Basin North

09 September, 2014

Emirates Wolgan Valley

A little bit of tree planting, a little bit of walking, a little bit of history of the Wolgan Valley and The Emirates Resort and some very good food washed down with a glass of fine wine at the heritage 1832 Precinct building.  That was the day last Sunday at Emirates in the Wolgan Valley, the weather was a bit strange but nobody really minded.

05 September, 2014

Nationals fail to protect Liverpool Plains

5 September 2014
Nationals fail to protect Liverpool Plains from coal mine after PAC assessment

The Greens NSW mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham today accused the National Party of failing to protect the most fertile agricultural land in NSW from a damaging coal mine, after the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) recommended conditional approval for the Chinese government owned Shenhua Watermark coal mine. On the Liverpool Plains.

The PAC chastised the NSW Government for failing to properly protect agricultural land:
“The Commission also recommended that following on from the work undertaken in the New England North West Regional Land Use Plan, the NSW Government should undertake some more detailed work or refinements to identify and protect those highly valuable, fertile black soil plains where mining should be prohibited.” (Executive Summary, page 3)

“The approval of a coal mine in the middle of the most productive soils in NSW shows that the National Party has capitulated to the mining industry and fundamentally failed to protect agriculture,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham. 

“It’s now clear that nothing is sacred and nowhere is safe from mining in NSW. 

“Our politicians and laws have failed us when a Chinese government owned coal mining company can put at risk the best soils in NSW and our precious water resources.  This is not in the national interest, the environment’s interest, or in farmers’ interest.

“It’s time to admit that the Strategic Regional Land Use Policy has failed.  It’s been used to con country people into thinking the government is doing something to protect prime agricultural land, but this approval shows the policy is a dud.”

Contact: Max Phillips - 9230 2202 or 0419 444 916

Max Phillips

Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 02 9230 2202 | Fax: 02 9230 3341 | Mobile: 0419 444 916

Land Access Breakthrough

MP Anthony Roberts said.
“Explorers will now bear all costs associated with arbitration, set and capped by an independent expert. Timeframes will also be capped, providing greater certainty for landholders and industry. 
“Mr Walker also recommended changes to the appointment of arbitrators, new governance arrangements to manage conflicts, ongoing training and monitoring of the performance of arbitrators. 
“It is crucial both sides receive a fair hearing but protracted disputes only increase costs and erode relations between the two parties.” 
To read the full story go to The Weekly and to read the full report Independent Examination of Land Access Arbitration Framework by Bret Walker, click here 

Capertee Valley Alliance Inc.

CVA 's next Management Committee Meeting Saturday 6th September 2014 @ Kurrajongs, Glen Davis Road - 1.30pm

 Capertee Valley Alliance  Members are welcome to place an item on the agenda by emailing; caperteevalleyallinc@ipstarmail.com.au

CVA welcomes new membership, please contact us for further information and if you would like to join.

Capertee Valley Alliance strives to maintain strong supportive links with the community and surrounds and aims to represent the community on issues which affect the sustainability, environment and enjoyment of this unique place.

CVA endeavours to inform members and the broader  community on issues which may affect the Capertee Valley residents and is willing to work closely with local community groups to this aim.

New members are welcome, as our land, water and clean air are now under greater pressure than ever before, come and join us ensuring that Capertee Valley community and its environment become safe, stronger, sustainable and prosper so we can live in a place which has been described as a place of natural beauty and special significance.

Issued by CVA Inc.

Capertee Valley Garden Group

Garden Group meets Friday 12th September @ Stephanie & Zoltans


Hi all just a reminder re the next garden group and also that the following group in Oct will be at Umbiella - we will be helping Terrie plan and plant her summer garden so if you want to get any cuttings or seedlings ready it will be much appreciated!
Looking fwd to seeing you then
Best wishes

If you live in the valley and would like to be involved contact Alex on 63797380

04 September, 2014



All too many changes... in a year for communities to fully comprehend, appreciate any consequences long term and to respond in a meaningful, measured way.

What does this mean for the Capertee Valley, 10% of Australia's Biodiversity, what possible effects  could their be in relation to Natural Resource Management and farming.

If any resident of the Capertee Valley community or friend care to review and assist with a submission please contact

Capertee Valley Alliance Inc. Management Committee by Email: caperteevalleyallinc@ipstarmail.com.au 

Karl Beckert states;

Right now the NSW Government is conducting the most broad-ranging review of our conservation laws in over a decade. These laws are often the only things that stand between survival and extinction for our unique wildlife.

The government has established a Review Panel and now is our first opportunity to have input into this important process. Please join me in making a quick submission today.

The future of our wildlife, bushland, and rivers depends on the outcome of this review. There will be some sectors of the community who want to weaken our laws. Now is our chance to show there are more of us who support commonsense conservation.

Can you make a submission to the Review Panel today?

The review is just starting and we’ll need to make sure the voice for nature is strong and consistent. I’ll be in touch again soon when there is more we can do together to protect nature.


Karl Beckert
Forest and Wildlife Campaigner

03 September, 2014

Capertee Valley Landcare News

Capertee Valley Landcare

Hazelcombe Farm will be hosing a Scything Plus Workshop Festival from Friday 26 September to Sunday 28 September in Totnes Valley, NSW (40 km north east of Mudgee). Visit their website for more details on this celebration of traditional crafts.

Invitation to Participate in Bird Surveys in the Mudgee Wollar Important Bird Areas October 4, 5 & 6th, 2014 (long weekend) at Honeyeater Flat, Munghorn Gap Nature Reserve. The Important Bird Areas (IBA) program run by BirdLife Australia in partnership with BirdLife International is designed to highlight the plight of birds by recognising important sites for key species and monitoring how those key species are coping in the nominated areas. 20 survey sites have been established around the IBA and BirdLife Australia is inviting anyone interested undertake an initial survey of these sites on the October long weekend. Surveys will be conducted on the mornings of Sunday 5th October and Monday 6th October. For more information contact Pixie Maloney M 0429 464 403 | T 02 4376 1001 or southernnsw@birdlife.org.au

Julie Gibson
Green Gully
97 The Gullies Road
Glen Davis NSW 2846
02 6379 7317
Mobile: 0412 699 674

Message from Liz Davis | Senior Lands Services Officer

In this 2014 Landcare Week, the Central Tablelands Local Lands Services (LLS) would like to celebrate, acknowledge and extend gratitude to the hard working and dedicated Landcarers of the Central Tablelands region.

Although many of you may have not met your local LLS staff in this new region, I would like to take this opportunity give a short update on how LLS is working and supporting Landcare in your region.

My position is a Landcare and Education Officer for the Central Tablelands, I am very enthusiastic to work with you all, and those of you I have not met yet.
The Central Tablelands region had a strong presence at the NSW State Landcare & LLS forum in Dubbo in May. Our region was represented by 5 overarching Landcare groups: Little River, Watershed, Lachlandcare, Central Tablelands and individuals from the Lithgow/Oberon area.

Central Tablelands LLS General Manager Peter Sparkes and Ian Armstrong, Chairman of Central Tablelands LLS also attended the 2 day forum. 
Priorities brought up at the meeting were consultation, partnerships, and the formation of a Landcare network.

Over the next few months LLS staff will be heading out to meet the Landcare community and consult with groups to learn more about their communities and the challenges they face. We have established a Landcare buddy system to ensure local staff members are involved with Landcare groups in their community and are working on a process to introduce the buddies to all their groups.

In the near future a regular radio segment to promote Landcare in the Central Tablelands is on the cards, we will be looking for info from all our groups, so please send me your newsletters if you would like some events promoted.

This email update, is the first of what will be a fortnightly update on whats happening with LLS and Landcare from across the region. You can also keep up to date by subscribing to the Central Tablelands LLS eNewsletter at: http://centraltablelands.lls.nsw.gov.au/resource-hub/newsletters 
If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact me or any LLS office.
Kind regards
Liz Davis

Liz Davis | Senior Lands Services Officer Central Tablelands Local Land Services Orange Ag Institute, Forest Rd| PO Box 1344 | Orange NSW 2800

T: 02 6363 7872 | F: 02 6391 3100  | M: 0427 452 662
E:  liz.davis@lls.nsw.gov.auWwww.centraltablelands.lls.nsw.gov.au
 | Like Central Tablelands LLS on facebook

Invitation to Official Opening of Pearsons Lookout Capertee

With the recent completion of upgrade works to the lookout, I would like to invite you to the official opening of Pearsons Lookout Capertee by the Hon Paul Toole MP at 3.00pm on Friday 3 October 2014.

I look forward to seeing you there. Please pass this on to anyone else you think may wish to attend

Matthew Johnson

Community and Culture Manager

Lithgow City Council

01 September, 2014

Recap on the August 2014 Tree Planting

Despite a dire weather forecast, the tree planting and Regent Honeyeater surveys on 15-17th August were completed successfully.  The forecast rain conveniently held off until after planting was completed on Saturday. It then rained overnight, providing useful supplementary watering for the plants, and cleared up in the morning to provide good conditions for the surveys. 

A total of 2944 trees and shrubs were planted on an area of approximately 7 ha, extending over 2 adjoining properties on Crown Station Road.  The site (see attached photo) is steep and rocky which complicated planting and, particularly, watering and unfortunately made it necessary to locate car parking some distance from the main planting area. However, despite these difficulties, planting was completed by about 4 pm, although  watering extended well into the following morning. 

In spite of the gloomy weather forecast, the planting was well-attended, with around 140 people taking part on Saturday, including a busload of 56 volunteers and staff from Taronga Zoo.  In addition, students from the Glen Alice Primary School came out on the Thursday  to help with the laying out and to do a little planting.  A big thank you to all who took part in the weekend. A special thanks to all those who also came on Thursday to help with the laying out which was more onerous than usual because of the steep terrain. Thank you also to everyone who participated in the surveys and helped the Landrover Owners Club team finish the watering on Sunday.

No Regents were seen on any of the survey sites on the Sunday morning (or anywhere else in the valley over the weekend), although this was not surprising given the dearth of recent sightings and the lack of flowering in the valley at present. It will be interesting to see whether this situation changes for the September and October surveys. The September and October surveys are coordinated by Cumberland Bird Observers Club and Birding NSW respectively. Anyone who is interested in taking part in these surveys should contact Jane Miller (CBOC -  janemiller@pnc.com.au ) or Douglas Bateman (Birding NSW; douglasbateman@yahoo.com).

An illustrated article on the planting was published in the Mudgee Guardian on 18th August and can be viewed on the Guardian’s website (http://www.mudgeeguardian.com.au/story/2492974/saving-the-regent-honeyeater-project-showing-results-photos/?cs=12#slide=1

A pair of child’s sunglasses was found on the site. If these belong to you please contact Pixie at BirdLife Southern NSW and we will arrange to get them back to you.

Mervyn Vessey is missing 3 mattocks. Two appear to have been found among the Taronga Zoo tools but one is still unaccounted for. If you have any extraneous mattocks in your possession please contact Pixie ( send photo if possible). 


Next year, there will be two plantings , as per usual. They will be held on 2-3  May and 15-16 August, so put these dates in your calendar now. Details of the next planting will be sent out in due course but if you would like to register your interest in advance, please contact Pixie. We hope to see as many of you as possible in May and/or August.

Iain Paterson