10 September, 2014

Daily Telegraph: 'Bureaucrats’ gravy train to paradise:

Councillors’ getaway funded by ratepayers to the tune of $400,000.'

HUNDREDS of Councillors and bureaucrats will enjoy a ratepayer-funded getaway to ­a Coffs Harbour Government Conference branded by some Councillors a “joke”. 

As ratepayers struggle to pay their bills, The Daily Telegraph can reveal up to $400,000 will be spent by Councils to send delegates to the Local Government NSW seminar.

The event — held alongside beachside resorts and golf courses — will include daily happy hours, partners’ tours and an additional $154-a-head gala dinner at the Bonville Golf Resort.

Registration prices for the Conference range between $880 and $990."

Mayor Maree Statham, Deputy Mayor Ray Thompson, Councillor Col Hunter, General Manager Roger Bailey with Councillors Peter Pilbeam and Ross Higlett indicating their intentions to attend as alternate Delegates or 'Observers' if required.

I wonder who pays for transport etc to get to Coffs harbour?  

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