10 September, 2014

Release of unassigned groundwater

From: Mitchell Isaacs [mailto:Mitchell.Isaacs@water.nsw.gov.au]
Sent: Tuesday, 9 September 2014 3:15 PM

Subject: Controlled allocation order

Just letting you know that a controlled allocation order was made today, making available 5% of currently unassigned groundwater across the state.

Further information is available on our website here:

Please note that acquiring a water access licence does not provide an automatic right to take water from a certain location, however a pre-assessment to take water from a nominated work at a specified location can be requested as part of the registration of interest.


Mitchell Isaacs | Manager Strategic Stakeholder Liaison

Department of Primary Industries | NSW Office of Water Level 11, 10 Valentine Ave Parramatta NSW 2124  | PO Box 3720 Parramatta NSW 2124
T: 02 8838 7529 | M: 0403 103 823 | Emitchell.isaacs@water.nsw.gov.au
W: www.water.nsw.gov.au

A few points by CVA -

  • It will ONLY be advertised in the Sydney papers and the Land, not in local papers.
  • We are in Sydney Basin North

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