04 September, 2014



All too many changes... in a year for communities to fully comprehend, appreciate any consequences long term and to respond in a meaningful, measured way.

What does this mean for the Capertee Valley, 10% of Australia's Biodiversity, what possible effects  could their be in relation to Natural Resource Management and farming.

If any resident of the Capertee Valley community or friend care to review and assist with a submission please contact

Capertee Valley Alliance Inc. Management Committee by Email: caperteevalleyallinc@ipstarmail.com.au 

Karl Beckert states;

Right now the NSW Government is conducting the most broad-ranging review of our conservation laws in over a decade. These laws are often the only things that stand between survival and extinction for our unique wildlife.

The government has established a Review Panel and now is our first opportunity to have input into this important process. Please join me in making a quick submission today.

The future of our wildlife, bushland, and rivers depends on the outcome of this review. There will be some sectors of the community who want to weaken our laws. Now is our chance to show there are more of us who support commonsense conservation.

Can you make a submission to the Review Panel today?

The review is just starting and we’ll need to make sure the voice for nature is strong and consistent. I’ll be in touch again soon when there is more we can do together to protect nature.


Karl Beckert
Forest and Wildlife Campaigner

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