09 October, 2014

Fruit Fly Tips

Hello All,
Julie suggested you may be interested in my comments regarding fruit fly in the Capertee Valley

From my experience we do not get fruit fly at our place (Crown Stn Rd) until the first week of December and I manage my programme around this date and the early control is most important.
It would be useful for the Valley community to do a drive and remove any rouge hosts growing along the side of the road as they provide a perfect “stepping stone” for flies as they head towards your place and mine.
Orchard or tree hygiene is critical and every piece of fallen fruit must be collected and destroyed, regardless of the presence of maggots or not. Fallen fruit can be fed to cattle or put into plastic garbage bags, sealed, left in the sun for a few weeks and then composted.
They multiply exponentially, so the smaller the numbers we start with the less the pressure we have when the fruit is mature.
Twelve years ago we did not have any fruit fly, but this problem has become increasingly worse.
Kind regards
John McKay

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