11 October, 2014

More Fruit Fly Tips

Hi all, For those who didn't get the Glen Alice Gazette with the fruit fly bait recipe, the following is a simple make at home, bait recipe :

John Preistley's Fruit Fly Bait (for 25 fruit fly traps)
100ml cloudy ammonia
2.5 cups of sugar
5 litres of warm water
5mm vanilla

Use 2 litre plastic milk, or juice bottles and burn a hole on both sides about the size of a cigarette; make sure the edges are smooth.
Fill the bait to just below the hole and hang in tree with lid on.
Use all year (replace bait twice a year or as needed)

At the Landcare meeting we discussed the idea of making and installing fruit fly baits into the fruit trees growing on the sides of the roads in Glen Davis.
If anyone is interested in joining in this simple project we are planning a session, to make baits and install them on Tuesday 4th November, after Pilates at the Glen Davis Hotel from 11am.
Light lunch provided afterwards at the Hotel.
Please let us know who can make it.
BYO: Empty 2 litre milk/juice containers. I have the rest of the ingredients.

Re the Umbiella field day luncheon on Sat 8th November, 2014, confirming I am happy to cater lunch. Could we please have final numbers by Tues 4th, we could discuss same and catering at Fruit Fly project meet.

Also confirming Skye Botham-Barnes is happy to assist with Xmas Calendar production and would like to join the group.

Excited to be involved with our local Landcare group.

Cheers, Alison

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