19 November, 2014

Job losses in our region

From: Lithgow Ratepayers [mailto:lithgowratepayers@gmail.com]
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Subject: NEWS FLASH: Another 10 jobs now lost at the Charbon Coal Mine near Kandos.

NEWS FLASH:  Another 10 jobs now lost
at the Charbon Coal Mine near Kandos.

The Labor Candidate for Bathurst is now reporting on Twitter that another up to 10 employees at the Charbon Coal Mine near Kandos, operated by Centennial Coal received notices last Friday that they won't have jobs after Christmas.

The majority of these employees are apparently from the Lithgow District.


Lithgow Mercury: 'Angus Place (Coal Mine) D-Day'.

Last Saturday, the Lithgow Mercury reported briefly that:

"IT was D Day this week for the beleaguered workforce at Centennial’s Angus Place Colliery when the company announced who would retain a job and who did not make the cut.

And this week there was a mixture of delight and despair within the ranks when the company announced who still had a job and who was out of work.

In a statement issued yesterday Centennial announced the latest state of play following this week’s developments.

On Thursday offers of employment were made to 139 members of the staff and general workforce.

* REDUNDANCY letters were issued to 32, 10 of whom had not sought re-employment.

* SEVENTY seven employees had their termination notices extended to the end of the longwall removal in the first quarter of next year.

Significantly, 30 of these did not apply for redeployment to the other mines.

Ms Brassil said the process meant that from a total Angus Place workforce of 267 there will be a total of 69 retrenchments.

Thirty two of these finished up this week.

The remainder will continue into the first quarter of next year.

Read the full story in the Lithgow Mercury here:  http://www.lithgowmercury.com.au/story/2697385/angus-place-d-day/?cs=1464

         The above figures do not include the many local employees who also lost their jobs working for the many contracting companies whose contracts with Centennial Coal were cancelled.

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