12 November, 2014

Jobs Crisis in Lithgow

From: Lithgow Ratepayers [mailto:lithgowratepayers@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, 10 November 2014 9:02 PM
To: Greater Lithgow Ratepayers
Subject: Prime TV News: 'Emotions run high over jobs crisis'.

Prime TV News:  'Emotions run high over jobs crisis'.

"An urgent jobs meeting of Lithgow City Council overnight has failed to find a clear path forward as the region grapples with hundreds of job cuts in the coal sector.

The heated - and at times confusing meeting - left ratepayers with no real answers - just plans for ANOTHER meeting.

And even THAT - was something councillors couldn't agree on."

View the full Prime News report here:  'Emotions run high over jobs crisis'.

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