09 January, 2015

CSG Experience email

From: "jane stevenson" <janestevenson6@bigpond.com>
Date: 7 January 2015 3:15:41 PM AEDT
Cc: "Jane Stevenson" <janestevenson6@bigpond.com>
Subject: COAL SEAM GAS - I Saw It for Myself

To the Stop CSG group
Please read the story of my TRIP TO HELL .. the Qld coal seam gas fields. I went to Qld curious to see what will happen in the Gloucester valley if the AGL gas company proceeds with its plans and the fact is the valley will be utterly destroyed along with any other region unable to stop the gas invasion.
Please forward the article to all your member groups, and best wishes in the fight against CSG.
The article is attached as a pdf
Jane Stevenson, Pharmacist (ret), Gloucester NSW  

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