25 February, 2015

Hunter Community Environment Centre

This morning, the Climate and Health Alliance launch a ground-breaking new report on the health impacts of the coal industry on the communities of the Hunter Valley. The report has been put together by leading experts from around the country. And the results are alarming.
The authors looked at the negative impacts on physical and psychological health associated with coal mining, transportation and production, and estimated the public health costs associated with expanding coal production. They found that the annual health costs from
Hunter Valley coal are:
  • $600million due to pollution from the Hunter’s power stations
  • $65.3million due to fine dust particle emissions from coal mines and power stations in the Upper Hunter 
  • $13million from air pollution from coal in Newcastle.
When you factor in the costs of the health impacts of climate change globally, the total figure soars into the billions.
That's why public health experts and climate change scientists from around the country and around the globe have today called for an immediate end to coal expansion in the Hunter ValleyToday, you can add your name to their open letter. 
The signatories include leading public health advocates like Dr Fiona Stanley, eminent scientists like Professor Tim Flannery and globally renowned climate experts like Dr James Hanson.
To get the full story, come along to one of the public forums being organised this week to discuss the report:
23rd Feb, 6:30pm - Glebe Town Hall 
25th Feb, 6pm - Muswellbrook Workers Club
26th Feb, 6pm - Singleton Diggers Club
27th Feb, 6pm - Newcastle Town Hall
We hope you can come along. For too long, the communities of the Hunter have been suffering the effects of coal out of the public eye. For too long, the impact of Hunter coal exports on global climate change have been swept under the carpet. Help us spread the word and get this story told.

Thanks very much

John and Vanessa
Hunter Community Environment Centre

Hunter Community Environment Centre

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