29 June, 2015

Council Mergers news

Local Government Minister Paul Toole warns councils to look to the future and seek mergers, click here to read the story in the SMH

25 June, 2015

Lithgow Motor Registry

Lithgow Motor Registry is being refurbished

Service NSW is a new agency committed to improving
customer service and making it simpler and easier to
complete business with government.

As part of this commitment, the Lithgow Motor Registry
at Shop 51, Valley Plaza on the corner of Lithgow and
Bent Streets, Lithgow will temporarily close for
refurbishment from 
5pm on Friday 26 June.

It will reopen in late August as a Service NSW centre.
corner corner

Lithgow Pool, again

From: Lithgow Ratepayers <lithgowratepayers@gmail.com>
Date: 17 June 2015 9:27:53 pm AEST
To: Greater Lithgow Ratepayers <lithgowratepayers@gmail.com>
Subject: MEDIA RELEASE: 'Lithgow City Council Mayor Maree Statham called upon to publicly apologise to ratepayers and the Local Member for Bathurst and Minister for Local Government, Paul Toole.
'Lithgow City Council Mayor Maree Statham called upon to publicly apologise to ratepayers
and the Local Member for Bathurst and Minister for Local Government, Paul Toole.
Lithgow City Councillor Martin Ticehurst is calling upon Lithgow Mayor Maree Statham to publicly apologise over false and misleading public statements published in yesterday’s Lithgow Mercury newspaper on the official opening of the new indoor heated pool at the Lithgow City Council’s Aquatic Centre..
The Lithgow newspaper under the online headline, ‘It’s official; Lithgow’s indoor pool opened after 35 year wait’, reported that Mayor Statham said, “.. the indoor heated pool was ‘not a luxury; it’s a necessity’.”
It was also reported that Mayor Statham saying that the new indoor heated pool, “.. would not have been possible without a $3.2 million grant from the NSW Government negotiated by State Member Paul Toole’ and further that she, “.. was astounded when we were called down to Parliament House for the announcement that we had the money,”
Councillor Ticehurst said, “Firstly, many ratepayers and the Local Member and Minister for Local Government Paul Toole will be very disappointed that Mayor Maree Statham has not been anywhere near upfront, open and transparent over the funding of the new so-called indoor heated pool. 
It’s certainly not a normal public indoor heated pool – it’s been best described as nothing more than a pool – indoors! 
I also understand that with the Council refusing to take the pool temperature higher than 27 degrees so as to avoid major internal condensation and with no indoor air-conditioning or heating in this new facility for patron comfort, many new users have already indicated that during winter they will be going back to the better indoor heated pool facilities provided at Katoomba and Bathurst.
This new Council indoor pool built at a huge cost of $3.6 million dollars, could not possibly be regarded as a necessity and is a luxury that ratepayers could certainly have done without.  This position has been previously supported by every other preceding Council over many decades due to the very high funding required for construction and the exorbitant ongoing operational costs to run the facility in a small country town.”
Councillor Ticehurst further said, “The Mayor Maree Statham would have been well aware by her own previous Media Release and correspondence received from both the Office of Local Government and Local Member for Bathurst, Paul Toole that all of funding of $3.6 million dollars for the recent construction of the 25-metre indoor heated pool was due to a Council Bank Loan approved under Round Two of the previous State Governments previous Local Infrastructure Renewal Scheme.
This so-called pool – indoors is now currently being funded by Lithgow ratepayers to the tune of some $380,000 each year and for each of the next 10 years to a private bank, a total of $3.8 million dollars.  And this does not include any of the expected additional annual losses of more than $200,000 in additional Council operational expenses for the Lithgow Aquatic Centre.
In my opinion, the etiquette of the Lithgow Mercury and Mayor Maree Statham on this issue has been very disingenuous and mischievous with both readers, ratepayers and the Minister; by falsely claiming that the official opening of the new Lithgow Council indoor heated pool came about by a “$3.2 million grant from the NSW Government negotiated by State Member Paul Toole”.  
State Budget papers publicly confirm that the Mayor Maree Statham’s $3.2 million dollar grant is in fact for the current and future Lithgow Aquatic Centre renovations of the publicly condemned 50-year-old, 50-metre Outdoor Pool and has been spread over two years, firstly some $800,000 in the current financial year and $2.3 million dollars in the next 2015-16 financial year.
“Mayor Maree Statham’s should immediately publicly apologise for her false and misleading public statements to ratepayers and Local Member for Bathurst and Minister for Local Government, Paul Toole.  However, given past observations, ratepayers and Mr Toole would be best not to hold their breath.”  Councillor Martin Ticehurst said.
Martin Ticehurst
Lithgow City Council
Local Member for Bathurst and Office of Local Government letter confirming LIRS Funding:  http://archive.lithgow.nsw.gov.au/agendas/13/0909/ITEM3.pdf

Capertee Visions at Gallery 47 on 4th July, be there

Dear All,
Capertee Visions; Saturday the 4th July from 4-6 pm at Gallery 47
After moving to the Capertee Valley in 2012, Elizabeth McKay was constantly astounded by the spectacular scenery. From open rolling hills to rugged mountains with sandstone cliffs rising from the timber, the changing light and the effects of different weather, provides a constant inspiration. To be surrounded by such beauty it almost becomes an obligation to express your response through some form of art.
Having been interested in sewing and various crafts all her life, it was a natural direction to explore wearable art. Working with natural fibre is a rewarding experience and exploring a number of forms to embellish the works is an adventure.
“I would like my works to be a tribute to the beauty that surrounds me and in some way, a thank you for being privileged to live amongst such beauty.”

The exhibition explores ways to use felt and textiles with embroidered and beaded embellishment.
 Just the right time of year to be contemplating a felt wrap or lovely heavy fabric! 

The fire will be going, wine will be waiting and Coffee Concrete will be providing delicious food for the opening. 

Hope to see you there!

ps the Pat Collins herbal workshop was a blast! 18 of us (and a couple of children) chopped and cooked and produced 8 different products made from weeds and herbs; fit for a queen!

We will be planning another shortly. 

See you around, 

All the best, 


Gallery 47

11 June, 2015

Regent Honeyeater Captive Release & Community Monitoring Project 2015

Click here to view Regent Honeyeater release program


The Birdwatching Sign (No3) at Coco Creek has for the second time been attacked.

The first time it was removed from the ground and chucked into Coco Creek.  We recovered the sign, straightened it out as much as possible and moved it some metres away and cemented it into the ground.

Again it was attacked but this time it has been taken away.

Sign No 3 was one of 19 trail signs relating to the bird trail brochure map , signs at Capertee, Mudgee,  Destinations NSW and other information Centres.

The British Birdfair 2015, the world’s largest annual birdwatching event, with more than 23,000 visitors attending over a 3 day period. Australia has been represented at this event for more than ten years and now, after 6 years under the banner “Australian Birdwatching’, it is a consistent and recognisable presence representing birdwatching tourism business from around Australia.Capertee Valley has been invited to represent in England this year.
In October 2014 Capertee Valley Alliance Inc. had a stall at the Australian Birdfair in Sydney manned by volunteers, it was one of the most visited stalls over the two day period held at Homebush.

Sad but true;

This sign will not be replaced as the funds received from State Government for the brochures and signs for the bird sign project have been fully spent and the CVA Inc. hasn't got the $400 to replace it.
Members who attended the two days at the Australian Birdfair contributed their own money towards the display, they  are not willing to contribute further funds towards replacement of the sign.

The community (organisations) in the Capertee Valley, Council, National Parks and other connected parties were contacted  prior to installation of the 19 signs and if objections were received(and there were none, all very positive) compromises would have been made. All signs were on Council property.

It took more than two years to establish this bird trail and a lot of volunteer hours, it’s  taken 1 person to destroy it in a heart- beat… if anyone is aware of the reason behind the missing sign CVA would appreciate (anonymous if required) reasons.

RIP one bird sign.

FYI link below re Regent Honeyeater.

The link below is a short video on the captive release work that Birdlife are doing in Victoria.  Might be of interest to your various contacts in the valley.

04 June, 2015

Kayaking is Back

Southern Cross Kayaking - Ganguddy (Dunns Swamp) June 2015 Dates

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Southern Cross Kayaking returning to Ganguddy (Dunns Swamp) this weekend -
Saturday 6th - Monday 8th June 2015:

Kayak Tours and Hire available daily

Yes, due to your many enquiries and requests, we've unpacked our winter woolies for night time, and are looking forward to crisp, sunny days of paddling at Ganguddy (Dunns Swamp) this June long weekend. We'll be onsite daily from Sat 6th - Mon 8th June. Check the website for further details: www.southerncrosskayaking.com.au
or contact Cindy or John for bookings on 0439 936 480.
Come and see us there!