11 June, 2015


The Birdwatching Sign (No3) at Coco Creek has for the second time been attacked.

The first time it was removed from the ground and chucked into Coco Creek.  We recovered the sign, straightened it out as much as possible and moved it some metres away and cemented it into the ground.

Again it was attacked but this time it has been taken away.

Sign No 3 was one of 19 trail signs relating to the bird trail brochure map , signs at Capertee, Mudgee,  Destinations NSW and other information Centres.

The British Birdfair 2015, the world’s largest annual birdwatching event, with more than 23,000 visitors attending over a 3 day period. Australia has been represented at this event for more than ten years and now, after 6 years under the banner “Australian Birdwatching’, it is a consistent and recognisable presence representing birdwatching tourism business from around Australia.Capertee Valley has been invited to represent in England this year.
In October 2014 Capertee Valley Alliance Inc. had a stall at the Australian Birdfair in Sydney manned by volunteers, it was one of the most visited stalls over the two day period held at Homebush.

Sad but true;

This sign will not be replaced as the funds received from State Government for the brochures and signs for the bird sign project have been fully spent and the CVA Inc. hasn't got the $400 to replace it.
Members who attended the two days at the Australian Birdfair contributed their own money towards the display, they  are not willing to contribute further funds towards replacement of the sign.

The community (organisations) in the Capertee Valley, Council, National Parks and other connected parties were contacted  prior to installation of the 19 signs and if objections were received(and there were none, all very positive) compromises would have been made. All signs were on Council property.

It took more than two years to establish this bird trail and a lot of volunteer hours, it’s  taken 1 person to destroy it in a heart- beat… if anyone is aware of the reason behind the missing sign CVA would appreciate (anonymous if required) reasons.

RIP one bird sign.

FYI link below re Regent Honeyeater.

The link below is a short video on the captive release work that Birdlife are doing in Victoria.  Might be of interest to your various contacts in the valley.


Denis Wilson said...

Was the sign offensive? I assume not.
Is there a photo of the old sign?

Anonymous said...

If you are able to install a new sign, I recommend you also install a motion-operated camera closeby (probably for less than the price of a new sign) - to hopefully catch and identify this selfish, ignorant vandal.