16 September, 2015

Airly Mine Extension Project Review - write to the Planning Assessment Commission

You may edit this guide to put your concerns to the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) in your own words. 
Once you are happy, press submit. If you want the Gardens of Stone Alliance to keep  you up to date, then select that option at the bottom of the form.
The proposed expansion of Airly Colliery, a 1.8Mt/year bord and pillar mine, will be subject to a review hearing by the Planning Assessment Commission.The proposal has wound mining intensity back from the original 1993 approval but unless further amended it will damage core values of the Mugii Murum-ban State Conservation Area in the Gardens of Stone region. This review provides you an opportunity to prevent environmental damage caused by this mine.

Click the link here to read more and to go to the suggested letter. 

 Edit the letter shown there to reflect your own thoughts. 

Other issues which could be included are water, water quality, tourism and farming.

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