07 October, 2015

2015 Australasian Rogaining Champioships - Capertee National Park and Mugii Murum-ban State Conservation Area Capertee Valley.

Warning - superb rogaining ahead!
Updated: 26 September, 2015
teaserWhat: 2015 Australasian Rogaining Championships
When: 10-11 October 2015
Where: About 4 hours west of Sydney and 5.5 hours from Canberra
For who: Everyone who enjoys great rogaining country - young, old (ah - we mean *experienced*), novice, sharpshooter...everyone!
Entries open: NOW!
Entries close: Friday 2 Oct at midnight (the end of Friday night...).
Contact: Email Gill Fowler (for technical questions) or Anita Bickle (for entry related enquiries).

Brought to you by the NSW Rogaining Association.

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