21 October, 2015

Water quality testing in the Capertee Valley

Capertee Valley Landcare will be providing monthly opportunities for you to test water.

Bring your water samples along:

8.45 am - 10.00 am Friday 30 October 2015

We can test for:
Electrical Conductivity (EC) - salinity

Provide  the type of water source (dam, bore, creek, etc) and its location. (Map, or GPS co-ords if possible).

Bring about 500 ml in a clean container, rinse it out with the water that you're testing three times.

If collecting from a stream, try to take it from the centre of the running water and submerged about 20 ml.

The purpose is to gradually construct a picture of water quality (quantity) throughout the Capertee Valley.

If you want help to achieve this, then take some samples from streams and bring them along.

Fresh coffee for those waiting their turn.

Pass this onto your neighbour.

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