09 November, 2015

the Ziggy Menge Volunteer for the Environment Award

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Capertee Valley Alliance Inc. member Donna Upton was nominated along with 9 other nominees for the Ziggy Menge Volunteer for the Environment Award


The Nature Conservation Council acknowledges and appreciate the valuable contributions made by countless volunteers to make our world a more sustainable place.
The Ziggy Menge for the Environment Award celebrates these unsung heroes. The award is given to the most outstanding and inspiring individual who has volunteered for conservation and environment over the past year.
Nominees can be any volunteer who has championed a cause or worked behind the scenes for a more sustainable future.
Nominees must have been active in NSW, and their contribution must have been entirely voluntary.

Information on Nominee:

Donna Upton has been president, secretary, public officer of the Capertee Valley Alliance since 2009.
She has provided hundreds of voluntary hours raising awareness of the threats posed by Airly Coal Mine under the Mugii Murum - ban State Conservation Area, and was instrumental in the development of Capertee Valley Bird Trail brochure and signage of 19 bird trail signs throughout the valley. 
She has also worked for the Capertee Valley Landcare Group and one an award for Education and Communication in the local area and was appointed on the HNCMA Reference Committee prior to LLS.
Donna has worked with environment groups in the Hunter, Blue Mountains, and Lithgow areas and worked closely with National Parks and the local RFS to organize bush walks on private land and in the Capertee National Park.
There have been many volunteer hours spent on Local Government issues and Tourism. Donna was instrumental in the upgrade of Pearsons Lookout and ensuring the Public Land was gazetted by a Trust by  Lithgow City Council to maintain this site and worked closely with Council in regard to signage at Pearsons Lookout and Pirie Park Capertee.
Donna and  Bruce have set up Capertee Valley Alliance Blogs one with photos and Facebook page to spread the environment message.

Message form Donna:

Donna wishes to thank the person who took the time to nominate her for this award and it was much appreciated.

 Members of CVA Inc.  also put in many voluntary hours on behalf of the Capertee Valley Community and without their input CVA achievements would have been minimal.

Donna is a strong advocate for the need for people who live and work in a community to be engaged in community life no matter how small that might be, without involvement by  community members to collectively and co-operatively work together in a cohesive way with  the residents, Local, State and Federal Governments very little will be gained or achieved to enhance the place where we live.
'Its the squeaky wheel gets the most attention.'

Congratulations to Capertee Valley Alliance for another successful year.

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