06 January, 2016

Chief weatherman explains Nullo Mountain to locals

Ever wondered why Nullo Mountain features as the default location when you look at ‘weather’ on your computer for the Rylstone-Kandos area, even though it’s a very different climate? Kandos resident Terry O’Sullivan did and sent an email to the Chief Meteorologist Matt Pearce at the weather bureau asking him why and this was the response: 

Hi Terry, thanks for your feedback. Our local weather pages use a fairly complex algorithm to map to nearest forecast locations, taking into account distance and elevation difference. Essentially, the distance is modified by 50m for every 1m in elevation difference. 
So, in this case, Nullo Mountain being 28.4km away from Kandos but 510m higher, ends up with a "modified" distance of 53.9km from Kandos. Mudgee, the alternative nearest forecast location, is 46.6km away but 149m lower, resulting in a "modified" distance of 54.1km.
So, as you can see, Nullo Mountain only just wins out. Unfortunately there's no way to manually override. The only way for us to get around this in the back end would be to modify the elevation of Kandos in our database. 
You'd have to decrease the elevation by 2m to tip the scales in favour of Mudgee. The elevation is currently 620m. I'm not sure that reducing the elevation of your town would be a suitable measure to take though!
So, probably the best approach for now, is for you to manually look at Mudgee's local weather page: http://www.weatherzone.com.au/nsw/central-tablelands/mudgee

Hope this helps, Matt Pearce Head of Development and Chief Meteorologist.

Click here for the article in the Weekly.

Nullo Mountain covers Capertee Valley also.

I must be missing something, why didn't they use Baldy at Kandos, it would reflect reality, Bruce Upton

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