20 January, 2016

Rural and Rural Residential Strategy Review

Dear Members,
President Rose Marie Delaney and Public Officer, Donna Upton attended the first workshop at Lithgow City Council, in attendance Ian Sinclair, Consultant  from Edge Land Planning and 30 other people from Community Groups in the Lithgow Region.

The Rural Lands/Residential Study was a decision made when the LUS was passed by Lithgow Councillors to send to DoPE (Dept. of Planning and Environment) to include an undertaking of a Rural Lands Study in 2016. The LEP was approved by DoPE subject to this study.
CVA strongly recommends that you all attend as you may be affected by what others predict or want without your say.

Capertee Hall Tuesday 9 February at 6.30pm - 9.00pm
You need to register by 1st February by contacting Council on 6354 9906
Consultant is Ian Sinclair from Edge Land Planning... for his CV Google his name.
Public Officer
Issued by 
CVA Inc.

Subject: Lithgow City Council - Rural and Rural Residential Strategy Review - Request assistance to spread the word. Please share!
Hello All,

I am writing to you as executive members of active progress, community or landowners associations operating within the Lithgow LGA to request your assistance in spreading the word within your community or sphere of influence about an important project Council is currently working on.

Council advises that work has commenced on the development of a new Rural and Rural Residential Planning Strategy.  This work follows on from the Lithgow Land Use Strategy 2010-2030 and the Lithgow Local Environmental Plan 2014. Through this strategy process,  Council will be reviewing how we plan and manage the LGA’s rural lands and will be further exploring the opportunity for new rural residential opportunities to sustain and grow our community.

The work will be undertaken by an independent rural planning consultant, Mr Ian Sinclair of Edge Land Planning.

In February Council will be holding  a series of community visioning workshops to assist Council and the Consultant to identify the community’s vision for rural lands and the future development of rural residential living opportunities.  The workshops will also assist to identify issues of concern to the community and how these may be addressed in the development of the new strategy.

Details of the workshops are outlined on the attached poster.  It would be appreciated if you could assist Council by displaying this poster in local meeting places or noticeboards or by forwarding the details onto your community contacts.  If you have difficulty printing this poster or would like some hard copies supplied please let me know.

If you require any further information please refer to Council’s webpage at council.lithgow.com/rural-lands/ or by phoning me on 02 63549906.

If you are not the right person to contact in respect of an association or community group please let me know so that we can amend our records.
Sherilyn HanrahanStrategic Land Use Planner
Environment & DevelopmentLITHGOW CITY COUNCIL
Phone:(02) 6354 9999 Fax:(02) 6351 4259 

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