30 March, 2016

Lithgow City Council Elections

From: Lithgow Ratepayers [mailto:lithgowratepayers@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, 29 March 2016 9:47 PM
To: Lithgow Ratepayers
Subject: Is the Lithgow & District Community Forum really being resurrected for this year's Lithgow City Council Elections?

Is the Lithgow & District Community Forum really being
resurrected for this year's Lithgow City Council Elections?

Although The Nationals Lithgow & District Community Forum website  has remained inactive since late 2013, when their Lithgow City Council's Local Environmental Plan  project was shortly thereafter finalised and submitted by the Lithgow City Council to the State Government for approval, local Nationals are confirming that they still expect the Forum under the leadership of major Hartley landholders and Nationals Donor, Dick Austen, Bob Morris, Barry Funnell and Jim Robson to be fully resurrected for the forthcoming Lithgow City Council Elections to be held on Saturday 10 September 2016?

No doubt ratepayers and electors can all expect to be cordially invited once again to more of those 'not-for-profit, non-party political community association' Public Meetings across the District, seeking more small and large donations of cash to support the quasi Nationals getting their own members elected onto the former Labor dominated, Lithgow City Council?

Many past and indeed some of those small remaining Lithgow & District Community Forum members and voters have all been very disappointed that under the Forum's Mayor, Councillor Maree Statham from Portland, it has failed miserably over the past four years to meaningful achieve the Forum's pre-election motherhood commitments towards:

X   Development of our city, our towns, villages and rural areas together with our industry, infrastructure and our tourism potential?

X   Raising the community's pride in our area?

X   Achieving the long term viability and wellbeing of our city?

X   Promoting our area as a pleasurable place in which to reside, work and do business?

X   Establishing meaningful consultation with the community?

X   Conducting the affairs and meetings of Council in a respectful, conciliatory and non-confronting and importantly working as a team for the betterment of the community?

The NSW Local Government Elections in September this year is expected to receive more legal scrutiny by the State Government, ICAC and Elections NSW over public donations and those made by prohibited donors, including property developers following several damning public inquiry's since the last NSW Council Elections in 2012?

It is believed that at the moment there is only one or possibly two of the current Lithgow & District Community Forum elected Lithgow Councillors who will be standing once again for re-election, which may make it hard for the Forum to as they did at the last Lithgow City Council Elections in 2012, find the many tens of thousands of dollars in donations to stand another two teams of five candidates in this year's Lithgow City Council Elections in September?

29 March, 2016

KANDOS Gardens Fair

Country Women’s Association
Kandos Branch
Gardens Fair
Sat 2 & Sun 3 April 2016
‘Successful gardening
in a harsh environment’
12 open gardens in and around
Kandos & Rylstone Sat & Sun 10am–4pm
Look for the red & orange flags
Guest speakers Costa Georgiadis,
Diego Bonetto & Fiona Ogilvie
Garden Market at Kandos Community Centre Sat 2 April 10am–2pm; market stalls in the gardens Saturday & Sunday
Tickets available at the open gardens and Kandos town entrance: $15/person for all events and 12 gardens, or $3/person for one garden

Saturday 2 April
10am–4pm: 12 open gardens at Kandos, Charbon, Coxs Creek Road, Cudgegong Road and Dunville Loop
10am: Welcome to Country @ Kandos Community Centre followed by a brief welcome from our guest speakers Costa Georgiadis, Diego Bonetto & Fiona Ogilvie
10am–2pm: Garden Market @ Kandos Community Centre – plants, pickles, pies, produce and other garden goodies, CWA tea & scones, coffee on the piazza, sausage sizzle
Entertainment at the Market: 10.30am Kandos Bellz belly dancing; roaming ukelele minstrels
10.30am onwards: Costa in Kandos – Costa Georgiadis visits the Kandos open gardens throughout the day
10.30am–12.30pm: Diego Bonetto tour – Wild weedy walking tour around Kandos for 20 people – you must first have purchased a Gardens Fair ticket ($15); meet 10.30 at the CWA Stall at Kandos Community Centre; first in first served
11am @ Wombat Gully: Carmel Spark demonstration – Propagating native plants from seeds and cuttings; Coxs Creek Road Rylstone
11am @ The Hall: Fiona Ogilvie talk – Tips & tricks for successful gardening in a harsh environment; 23 Rodgers Street Kandos, entry via Jaques Street
11am @ Kandos Railway Station: LK&R Line Gardens Fair Tour train arrives from Lithgow: kandosmuseum.org.au
12.30pm @ Kandos Railway Station: Brogans Run – train trip to Airly via Brogans Creek and Carlos Gap Tunnel; returns to Kandos 2.10pm; tickets: kandosmuseum.org.au
12.30pm @ The Convent: Kandos Bellz belly dancing; entry via Dangar Street or Dabee Road Kandos
12.30pm @ Winton: Virginia Handmer demonstration – hard cheese from goats milk; Coxs Creek Road Rylstone
2pm @ Wombat Gully: Jorgen Andersen tour – Sustainable house; Coxs Creek Road Rylstone
Saturday from 2pm Garden Market closes @ Kandos Community Centre; market stalls in the gardens all weekend
2pm @ Horse Gap: Fiona Ogilvie talk – Creating garden rooms to counter a harsh environment; Dunville Loop Bogee
3.10pm @ Kandos Railway Station: LK&R Line Gardens Fair Tour train departs, returns to Lithgow
4pm @ Gallery 47: exhibition opening – Frances Wiedersatz ‘Snippets’ garden paintings; 47 Louee St Rylstone
Light lunches, refreshments and morning & afternoon tea available Saturday and Sunday in some of the open gardens (see garden descriptions).
Sunday 3 April
Daylight saving ends Sunday 3 April
10am–4pm: 12 open gardens at Kandos, Charbon, Coxs Creek Road, Cudgegong Road and Dunville Loop
10am onwards: Costa at Coxs Creek – Costa Georgiadis visits the Coxs Creek open gardens throughout the morning
10am onwards @ The Hall: local potter Deb Stone – an opportunity to play with clay; 23 Rodgers Street Kandos, entry via Jaques Street
10.30am–12.30pm: Diego Bonetto tour – Wild weedy walking tour around Kandos for 20 people – you must first have purchased a Gardens Fair ticket ($15); meet 10.30 at Kandos Community Centre; first in first served
11am @ Wombat Gully: Carmel Spark demonstration – Propagating native plants from seeds and cuttings; Coxs Creek Road Rylstone
11am @ Coomber Homestead: Fiona Ogilvie talk – Using autumn and winter to prepare a garden for a harsh environment; Cudgegong Road Rylstone
2pm @ Wombat Gully: Jorgen Andersen tour – Sustainable house; Coxs Creek Road Rylstone
2pm @ Hazelgrove: Mudgee Garden Club get-together; 1857 Bylong Valley Way Kandos (opposite Henbury golf course)
Kandos Gardens Fair 2016 sponsors and supporters
Thank you to the Gardens Fair sponsors and supporters:
Price’s Service Centre BP Rylstone
Mid-Western Regional Council
Peabody Wilpinjong
Rylstone Kandos Business & Tourism
Community Charity Shop Kandos
Convent & Chapel Wool Shop
Paul Toole MP
Maceco Engineering
Kandos Museum
Wilderness Bunkhouse
De Beaurepaire Wines
Naked Lady Wines
About the Gardens Fair
The CWA Kandos Gardens Fair 2016 is a not-for-profit event organised by CWA Kandos Branch. Proceeds go to local charities and organisations. This is the 4th biennial Kandos Gardens Fair. Thank you to the many volunteer helpers.
No pets – please leave your dogs at home.
Raining? If it’s raining, bring your umbrella.
Gardens Fair train trips
LK&R Line Kandos Gardens Fair Tour & Brogans Run:
tickets www.kandosmuseum.org.au
More information
Accommodation & visitor information:
Open gardens: Kandos
The Hall – a courtyard garden
June and Brian Keech, 23 Rodgers Street (entry via Jaques Street)
A little over five years ago this small courtyard garden was a rough, uneven patch of kikuyu and weeds, ‘a west-facing gravel pit’ according the owners. This is a genuine example of ‘successful gardening in a harsh environment’ – a captivating, easy-care garden which is full of interest.
Being keen salvage hunters June and Brian levelled the area and erected the workshop and gazebo using recycled materials. The brief for the garden was water efficient, low maintenance and no lawn. A small rainwater tank supplies drinking water.
The majority of plantings were ‘potted-up’ from the owners’ previous garden and chosen for their hardiness, diversity of foliage and variety of shapes and colours. Succulents, agaves and other desert plants sit happily amongst hardy trees and shrubs from the Mediterranean region. Prominent throughout is garden ‘art’, all of which has been salvaged from tips, swap meets and throw-aways and reinvented. June and Brian have recently purchased an adjoining cottage and are in the process of amalgamating the two gardens.
Saturday 11am: Fiona Ogilvie talk – Tips & tricks for successful gardening in a harsh environment.
Sunday from 10am: local potter Deb Stone.
The Convent – a spiritual garden
Margot Palk, 78 Fleming Street (entry via Dabee Rd or Dangar St)
This garden has seen many changes since the Convent was built in 1929. Originally it was carefully tended by the Good Samaritan nuns, the parishioners and, on Friday afternoons, the school boys. It hosted wonderful roses, formal garden beds and clipped hedges. After becoming a Presbytery in the 1970s it evolved to become low maintenance, losing many of its original features.
Now in private hands, the gardens are being restored to do justice to the gracious Spanish Mission building. Though in the early stages of renovation, the gardens pay homage to the nuns’ love of roses as well as reflect a productive and useful country theme with vegetable beds, fruit trees and herbs. A keen but amateur gardener (who has not grown produce before) is rising to the challenge of establishing a productive yet relaxing country garden in a unique setting. The restored Grotto is a distinctive feature.
The Chapel will be open. Light lunches, tea & coffee available. Exhibition: ‘Cobwebs in the Garden’: knitted lace by RAS Champions Margot Palk and Gemma Braiding.
Saturday 12.30pm: Kandos Bellz belly dancing
Kandos Serviced Apartments – a terraced town garden
Mary Kavanagh, 16 Buchanan Street
With remarkable Kandos views, this is a low-maintenance ornamental garden featuring white offset with pink. This garden without lawns was designed and planted in the past four years.
Gum trees shade the western wall of the buildings and provide shady retreats. Winter blooming white irises and summer blooming white iceberg roses ensure floral interest all year round.
Mary’s garden design complements the two modern, serviced apartments she has built on this steep site. She was inspired by the idea of creating an urban creek bed to deal with site drainage.
Stalls: white irises, ‘grass heads’, after-garden wear. Sparkling spring water available.
Kandos Museum – a volunteer garden
22 Buchanan Street
In keeping with the recent refurbishment of the museum, the garden has been re-landscaped. The retaining walls have been constructed using limestone from the quarry. Many original plantings remain including a grove of magnificent Eucalyptus and Isopogon dawsonii or Nepean Cone Bush (named after James Dawson, town surveyor) augmented with new plantings of local natives. David Austen roses called Jude the Obscure bloom along the front fence. A heritage climbing variety of Crepuscule roses tumble down the sun-catching stone terrace at the front of the building. The garden has impressive views of the countryside around Kandos.
Kandos Museum is housed in the former Methodist Church built in 1919 in the Spanish Mission style – possibly the earliest of its kind in eastern Australia. There are two murals on the walls of the museum; the most recent was created during the Cementa15 Contemporary Arts Festival. It depicts a Dabee woman and man, Peggy and Jimmy Lambert, and was created by Djon Mundine working in collaboration with descendants of the Lamberts.
Saturday: Zensational Coffee organic brew available.
(Museum entry not included in Gardens Fair ticket.)
Hazelgrove – a native parkland
Peter and Bonnie Farrell, 1857 Bylong Valley Way (opposite Henbury golf course)
This beautiful parkland retreat of one and a half acres is a haven for wildlife. A mixture of native and hardy introduced species have been chosen for texture and colour and placed to suit soil and drainage, demonstrating a lovely mix of native and exotic in a waterwise environment. Bonnie and Peter are meticulous in their maintenance and enjoy the process of developing their garden. The raised home veggie garden is constructed from recycled water tanks and provides produce for delicious eating and home processing. There is a small hothouse for propagating seeds for veggies and native plants.
Stalls: pickles and jam, treasure table, plants and seedlings,
leather goods.
Sunday 2pm: Mudgee Garden Club get-together.
Charbon village
The village of Charbon is 5 minutes drive from Kandos. From Kandos, take Cooper Drive and turn left into Charbon, over the railway line.
Rhonda’s garden – a tree-changer’s paradise
Rhonda Shumack, 12 Standard Avenue, Charbon
Rhonda describes herself as a novice gardener but demonstrates how to establish a thriving country cottage garden on a small budget. Taking tips from gardening programs and cuttings from other passionate gardeners, she has established a sustainable garden in her own piece of paradise, purchased less than a year ago. Three Isa Browns thrive on scraps in their kit-built pen and chicken run (made from recycled materials). She has re-established the lawn, planted fruit trees and assembled a compost heap, vegetable gardens and rockery. Most of her vegetables, flowers and shrubs are now grown from seeds and cuttings.
A pergola and garden setting are a central focus and there are several shady retreats to enjoy a cup of tea and watch the birds.
Rhonda’s garden will host a plant and craft stall (including terrariums, sun hat kits, hanging baskets). Bottled water available.
Coxs Creek Road
The three open gardens along Coxs Creek Road are about 25 minutes drive from Rylstone. Please note there is some dirt road. Drive to the conditions and take care to avoid wildlife.
Springvale – a sculpture garden
Ludwig Mlcek, 1164 Coxs Creek Road (11.6 km along Coxs Creek Road)
With a backdrop of mature Kurrajong trees, rocky outcrops and rolling hills, Ludwig’s garden and courtyard is an enthralling outdoor assembly of contemporary sculpture on a grand scale.
Ludwig is an accomplished professional sculptor who works in metal, stone and timber. In collaboration with Rylstone Sculptures Inc., Ludwig initiated and convened the October 2015 Rylstone Sculpture Symposium. He has participated in the famous Bondi ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ on three occasions. You will be able to glimpse but not enter Ludwig’s impressive workshop studio.
His garden, which is also home to a miniature pony, features a converted meat house (now an accommodation unit) with an intricately carved wooden door. There is a stone fruit orchard and vegetable gardens.
Over the weekend Ludwig will offer occasional walking/talking sculpture tours. Sculptures for sale. Sausage sizzle, tea & coffee.
Winton – a pioneer garden
Virginia Handmer and Geoffrey Payne, 1442 Coxs Creek Road (14.4 km along Coxs Creek Road)
Step back in time to a garden planted in the late 1800s by the Mills family who opened up the valley to European farming. There are a number of very old trees including lilac, quince, peach and pear. Interesting features include a bath growing water chestnuts, an aviary, a pond with carp and water lilies, vegetable gardens, ducks (Indian Runners) and goats (Virginia makes hard cheese).
The original section of Winton is a slab house built in 1870. The ‘new’ section was built in 1900 using stone, hand-cut from the valley by Mr Babbage, who built the historic Bridge View Inn in Rylstone. Winton was the former school teacher’s house and telephone exchange. The house will be open on the Saturday. Note the Stranger’s Room and pressed metal ceilings. The garden will be open both days.
Saturday 12.30pm: Demonstration – Making hard cheese.
Wombat Gully – a native and rose garden
Carmel Spark and Jorgen Andersen, 115 Coxs Creek Trail (17 km along Coxs Creek Road)
Wombat Gully is a sustainable house and conservation property. You will find lots to entertain you, including a native plant nursery and native gardens, a formal walled rose garden, vegetable garden and chook house and an artist’s studio.
The poured earth house has 40cm wide walls which provide insulation and indoor temperatures of 20 degrees (without air conditioning or fans!). Solar power is used exclusively and there is a composting toilet. Note the fire retardant plants and a fernery. Also the art work and other artistic features, including mosaics.
Saturday & Sunday 11am: Demonstation – propagating native plants from seeds and cuttings. Saturday & Sunday 2pm: Sustainable house tour. Devonshire teas available.
Native plant nursery – plants for sale.
Dunville Loop, Bogee
Horse Gap – an Australian country garden
Horse Gap is about 25 minutes drive from Rylstone or Kandos. Take the Glen Alice Road (15 minutes) and turn off into Dunville Loop (a further 7 to 10 minutes). Please note there is some dirt road. Drive to the conditions and take care to avoid wildlife.
Jim and Merran Dunn, 555 Dunville Loop Road (top end of the loop)
Most of this garden was planted by Jim and Merran over the past 40 years including a 40-year-old wattle at the entrance. It is the outlook (a surrounding landscape of paddocks, hills and sandstone cliffs) as well as the garden, which establishes this as an Australian country garden. It mainly features native plants, including a patch of bush, with yellow box, Blakeley’s red gum and a grove
of grey gums.
Some unique elements include a dry stone wall which was the inspiration for the Lizard Garden, and the ‘Wedding Rock’ (three weddings have been held in this garden). There is a secret sunken paved garden with a still pond and peep hole and a water feature with ferns and gold fish. A fully enclosed orchard with raised vegetable garden and chook run completes the productive area.
Jim and Merran’s house was built in 1938 entirely of concrete from the footings up.
Saturday 2pm: Fiona Ogilvie talk – Creating garden rooms to counter a harsh environment.
Plants for sale: mostly trees plus some hardenbergia, bottle brush and native clematis.
Cudgegong Road, Rylstone
Coomber Homestead – a classic Australian country garden
5 minutes from Rylstone on the Cudgegong Road, between Rylstone and the Castlereagh Highway
Steve and Tracey Evans, 487 Cudgegong Road, Rylstone
It’s no surprise this garden won The Sydney Morning Herald Garden Prize in 1967. Sweeping lawns dotted with well-established trees, such as golden elm and desert ash, are bordered with lush garden beds (planted three years ago) to provide a gentle, shady retreat. An edge of Elina roses – a subtle cream – frames the house. This garden is being renewed in a grand style. One can imagine a table set with white linen and Royal Albert ‘country roses’.
Morning & afternoon teas and lunch will be provided by the Rylstone Hospital Pink Ladies, as will the produce table.
Sunday 11am: Fiona Ogilvie talk – Using autumn and winter to prepare a garden for a harsh environment.
Windy Hill Nursery.
Alex Schiebner sculptures.
Drive to the next garden where there is plenty of parking.
Coomber Guest House – another classic Australian country garden
Steve and Tracey Evans, 487 Cudgegong Road, Rylstone
This garden also has the charm of an English country garden, with sweeping lawns under shady trees bordered by colourful garden beds. The original trees were planted by Tim and Helen Evans in the 1960s: pin oaks, lindens, English elms, liquidambars and plane trees. The garden sits beautifully in a farming landscape providing a 360° view of soft hills and fertile paddocks.

The guest house provides attractive accommodation for 12 people and has a pool, cubby house and chooks.

28 March, 2016

Lithgow Council Elections in September

From: Lithgow Ratepayers [mailto:lithgowratepayers@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, 22 March 2016 11:16 PM
To: Lithgow Ratepayers
Subject: Nine News: 'NSW Local Government (Lithgow City Council) Elections set for September'.

Nine News:  'New South Wales Local Government
(Lithgow City Council) Elections set for September'.

Councils that won't be merging under the NSW Government's controversial Forced Amalgamations plan (such as Lithgow City Council) will hold Local Government Elections in September.

Local Government Minister Paul Toole said Councils not merging should prepare for Elections later this year.

"If a Council is a merger proposal, their Council Elections are aimed for March of next year," he told Parliament on Tuesday.

"For other Councils we have told them it is business as usual. It is business as usual to be preparing for an Election in September of this year."

The State Government's proposal follows a review by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) released in October that found nearly two-thirds of NSW Councils (including Lithgow City Council) were not financially "Fit for the Future".

16 March, 2016


We changed the next meeting of the writers group at Capertee Hotel to the 20th March at 2pm.

15 March, 2016

ABS Census Info

If you blinked, you missed it. On December 18 last year, the Australia Bureau of Statistics announced that at the 2016 census in August it would, for the first time, retain all the names and addresses it has collected "to enable a richer and dynamic statistical picture of Australia".

click here to read the full story


14 March, 2016

Australia Post email scam

CYBER-CRIMINALS have upped their game with a highly advanced new ransomware targeting Australians.
Security experts have discovered a virus called “Locky” in an Australia Post email scam, in which users receive an email with a seemingly legitimate attachment.
On top of this, the virus scans users’ basic personal information from their social media profiles, which is used in the copy to convince the recipient they’re an official source.
click here to read the full story.

• First and foremost, do not open suspicious files (eg. .doc, .xls, and .zip files).
• If you have any suspicions about an email you’ve received from a company, source their number independently and call them directly. Do not rely on contact numbers provided in the email.
• Purchase a hard drive and frequently back up all your files. If your computer does get infected, you can restore factory settings and replace all your important files.
• Disable Microsoft Office macros by default.
• Don’t stay logged in as an administrator any longer than necessary, and avoid browsing or opening documents while you have admin rights.

11 March, 2016

Garden Fair

Dear Capertee Valley Landcare

The CWA Kandos Gardens Fair will be held on the first weekend of April: Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 April. 12 gardens will be open in and around Kandos and Rylstone, and there will be a garden market in Kandos on the Saturday from 10am to 2pm. We have an exciting line-up of guest speakers, and there will also be entertainment and food available. We think visiting all the gardens will take more than one day.
Please don’t bring dogs or other pets, and if it’s raining – bring an umbrella.

More information:

There is also a historic train coming from Lithgow – bookings and more information:

We need many volunteers to sit in the gardens and sell tickets and distribute programs, so please contact me if you can help out for a few hours.

Thank you and regards
Jenny More
6379 4550


as you may have heard we are running a cat tracking program within the lithgow LGA and we would like to get as many cats involved in the program as possible, we would particularly like to have some rural cats involved in the project if possible. 

The project basically involves attaching a small tracking device to your cat and seeing where it goes for up to 11 days. The program is free to become involved and there is also the opportunity for cheap cat de sexing as part of the program. 
There is an information session at the Workies club in Lithgow on Tuesday at 6.30pm, however I could run a short session in the valley if there are enough people interested in being involved in the project.

Could you please circulate to your Landcare network.

If anyone would like some more information please contact me

Thanks peter

Peter Evans | Senior Land Services Officer
Central Tablelands Local Land Services
3 Ordnance Ave Lithgow| PO Box 3109 | Bowenfels  NSW  2790
T: 02 6350 3111 | F02 6352 2326 | M0438 496 851Epeter.evans@lls.nsw.gov.au

10 March 2016

08 March, 2016

Electrical cables

Tradespeople and homeowners warned of immediate risks from Infinity electrical cables

2 March 2016
Approximately 2,300km of dangerous Infinity electrical cable is still installed in thousands of homes across Australia.

It is expected that in the next couple of months the cable insulation could start to crack and this may lead to electric shock or a fire if the cables are disturbed by tradespeople or home owners/occupiers.  This represents a significant risk of serious injury or death for the many Australian households in which this electrical cabling was installed since 2010 in NSW and since 2011 elsewhere in Australia, unless it has been remediated.

Electricians, builders and other tradespeople who installed Infinity electrical cables and some Olsent electrical cable may face regulatory action including rectification orders and possible penalties if they don’t act now.

Retailers and suppliers recalling the cable are reporting that electricians and builders are ignoring requests to notify them where the cable was installed, so that it can be remediated under the supplier’s product recall.

There is also evidence that homeowners are not taking steps to have cables inspected and, where appropriate, remediated under the recall arrangements.

“Infinity cables were recalled because they deteriorate and become brittle more rapidly than normal compliant cables, especially in areas of high heat. The cable is expected to have deteriorated sufficiently by April that if disturbed it could lead to electric shock or fire in some premises,” ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.

“If you are an electrician or builder who installed the recalled electrical cable, you should immediately notify property owners, suppliers, and electrical safety authorities in order to have it remediated.”

“Homeowners who installed electrical cable from 2010 in NSW or 2011 in other States should notify the retailer they bought it from, or the electrician they used to install the cable, and arrange for a licensed electrician to carry out an inspection.  If Infinity cables are discovered, the cost of the inspection will be covered by the cable supplier along with the full cost of remediation,” Ms Rickard said.

The Infinity cables taskforce is distributing a bulletin to licensed electricians and builders throughout the country reminding them of their obligations under industry laws, and advising them about their potential liability if they fail to notify home owners and regulators.  A bulletin has been distributed to real estate associations, authorities and agents nationwide so they can alert homeowners.

Further information is available at Infinity cable recall: act now before it's too late

Click here to read more on ACCC site