14 March, 2016

Australia Post email scam

CYBER-CRIMINALS have upped their game with a highly advanced new ransomware targeting Australians.
Security experts have discovered a virus called “Locky” in an Australia Post email scam, in which users receive an email with a seemingly legitimate attachment.
On top of this, the virus scans users’ basic personal information from their social media profiles, which is used in the copy to convince the recipient they’re an official source.
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• First and foremost, do not open suspicious files (eg. .doc, .xls, and .zip files).
• If you have any suspicions about an email you’ve received from a company, source their number independently and call them directly. Do not rely on contact numbers provided in the email.
• Purchase a hard drive and frequently back up all your files. If your computer does get infected, you can restore factory settings and replace all your important files.
• Disable Microsoft Office macros by default.
• Don’t stay logged in as an administrator any longer than necessary, and avoid browsing or opening documents while you have admin rights.

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