28 March, 2016

Lithgow Council Elections in September

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Subject: Nine News: 'NSW Local Government (Lithgow City Council) Elections set for September'.

Nine News:  'New South Wales Local Government
(Lithgow City Council) Elections set for September'.

Councils that won't be merging under the NSW Government's controversial Forced Amalgamations plan (such as Lithgow City Council) will hold Local Government Elections in September.

Local Government Minister Paul Toole said Councils not merging should prepare for Elections later this year.

"If a Council is a merger proposal, their Council Elections are aimed for March of next year," he told Parliament on Tuesday.

"For other Councils we have told them it is business as usual. It is business as usual to be preparing for an Election in September of this year."

The State Government's proposal follows a review by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) released in October that found nearly two-thirds of NSW Councils (including Lithgow City Council) were not financially "Fit for the Future".

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