28 April, 2016

Draft Budget and Operational Plan info session

Dear Members,

6pm Glen Davis Community Hall

Do you want to have your say about the roads in the Capertee Valley and request upgrades and maintenance to be included in the 2016-17 Budget (1/7/2016 to 30/6/2017)?

Lets all meet with Lithgow City Council on Thursday 28th April at 6pm in the Glen Davis Community Hall.

If you would like to know what Council has planned to spend your rates on then this is the time for you to attend and listen to what they plan and an opportunity to put in a submission if your concerned in the event that limited dollars will be spent in our sector.

Only you can make a difference.

Last financial to 30 the June 2016 no money was budgeted to improve our roads from Special Levy Rates, Roads to Recovery funds in the Capertee Valley.

In fact the budget for the previous financial year ( 1/7/2014-30/6/2015) to complete the 0.5km seal still hasn't been completed.

CVA has contacted Mr Iain Stewart at Lithgow City Council on numerous occasions, have visited his office in Lithgow only to be promised time and time again that the seal would be completed every time we contacted him within the month, last week when we visited him he said it will be done in April. (Don't die waiting).
This has taken 20 months to complete.

There are some very dangerous areas on the Glen Alice Road including large dead tree branches hanging over the road from Bogee to Mt Marsden... CVA has included the request for maintenance and Bogee RFS now for many years  (since 2008)and nothing is done.
I guess it will take a tragedy before Council takes it seriously... the school bus for example.

To make a difference voice your concerns once you are aware of what Council is going to include or not include in their Budget for the next financial Year.
CVA Inc.

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