14 April, 2016

John Saville

Good Morning All,
Firstly it is with sadness I inform those of you who do not already know that Mr. John Saville passed away yesterday after a sudden, short illness. I think I am correct in saying he was the founding Secretary /Treasurer and “Glen Alice” was the Fire Headquarters of Glen Alice Volunteer Bushfire Brigade from the 50s till advent of RFS !!!!!!!! As a kid I remember him with his “safety hard hat”...... yes John wore PPE way back then, was designated driver of the ex Army Blitz water tanker ( what a beast) at the bushfires. He probably had a Hard Hat because they had little suspension and a metal roof  very low and very strong !!!!!!!

The Capertee Valley and the Family properties “Glen Alice and later “The Crossing” were his life as most of you would have realised upon meeting this Gentleman.  In the last couple of decades he was greatly involved in the tree planting exercises when they took place. Animals were a great passion of his and the Guild League of Bird Lovers poster identifying birds was displayed in his home until he left.  Personally I will miss my conversation with this lovely Gentleman as many of you will do. His recollections and history of The Valley were many , and the Saville Family have been great neighbours to a number of us in The Valley.

I am suggesting the Brigade forms a Guard of Honour for John at his Funeral  Service which will be at Glen Alice Union Church POSSIBLY Wednesday but still to be confirmed about 11.30. John will not be buried at Glen Alice Cemetery but will be cremated and return to Glen Alice Cemetery. A light lunch will be held afterwards at the Glen Alice Hall. I hope you all agree with the Guard of Honour. Uniform will be optional for the G of H
and perhaps we have Cat 1 and 9A at or near the Church as a part of that Guard.
Lyn and I will be co-ordinating with the Family the refreshments. I would like anyone who feels they are able to contribute in the way of finger food or helping in the Hall to get in touch with Lyn or I  on 63797288 or by return email. The sooner we have a indication of your offer to help would be most appreciated. Reimbursement for expenses will be made to those who contribute to the luncheon.

National Parks plan to start the Numietta HR today with the view it will be in good time for possible shower activity on the weekend... be prepared for smoke with the easterly influence of the weather  we will experience.
If any one from our Brigade is able to assist with manning Cat 1 or Cat 7 tankers for a HR near Pine Grove area Capertee Road this weekend please reply to me ASAP as we have had a request to Capertee and Glen Alice Brigades for 2 tankers/ crews of each Category. (Please remember those already involved in the Working Bee at Glen Alice Church and Hall.)

If someone has a contact for Mr Dick Turner from the tree planters group or some other person involved there, could they let me know or those people of Johns passing please. Also please let anyone you see know about Johns passing and the HRs.
Many thanks for your assistance in anticipation.
Kind Regards,
Bruce Richardson.

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