05 April, 2016

NPWS Hazard reduction burns in the Capertee Valley

We’re planning some hazard reduction burning around the Capertee valley over the coming weeks including a burn in Capertee National park on Tuesday.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Mudgee Area is planning to continue this season’s hazard reduction burning program with a hazard reduction burn in Capertee National Park this coming Tuesday, 5 April

The burn covers around 500 hectares along to the south of Port Macquarie road and east of the Capertee River. This burn will take place on Saturday 9 April.

NPWS Mudgee Area Manager David Crust, said that “whilst conditions are generally dry, the Capertee burn is in very low fuels and we actually need quiet hot conditions to get an effective burn.”

The burn will be lit by a helicopter and NPWS crews will remain in the area patrolling for at least the following week. Capertee Valley residents can expect to see smoke for that period

Mr Crust said that a number of other hazard reduction burns were scheduled across the region for the Autumn period in Wollemi National Park. These burns include a 6000 hectare burn in the Numieta creek area to the east of Glen Alice which may be lit over the weekend of 9-10 April

For updates on hazard reductions, go to the NSW Rural Fire Service website at www.rfs.nsw.gov.au

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