03 April, 2016

Stand Up For Nature

Our wildlife and their homes are under threat. Without strong laws, many of our native species, including the koala, will disappear in our lifetime. Yet, instead of working to develop stronger laws for nature, our government is dismantling them.

Will you #StandUpForNature and sign our urgent petition?

In 2015, Mike Baird promised that his government would protect our environment by introducing a new Biodiversity Conservation Act to replace our existing nature laws.

Today, that promise looks hollow and the desires of developers are being placed ahead of the needs of our wildlife, natural resources and climate.

In NSW alone, close to 1,000 species of plants and animals are threatened with extinction. And in just 20 years, koala numbers have declined by more than 40 per cent across NSW and QLD.

For months we’ve made the case for strong laws to protect nature, but our government is not listening.

Please join me and add your voice to our petition so the government knows you want strong laws for nature too.

Kind regards,

Kevin Evans
Chief Executive Officer
National Parks Association of NSW

PS. My family and I are standing up for nature. I hope you will join us. 

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