15 May, 2016

Glen Alice Gazette:
This is a combination of Glen Alice PS students' stories and community news/ classifieds/trades and services, with a little history thrown in! It has been published (off and on) since 1988.
We are planning to have 2 Gazettes this year and the first one will go out on June 6th, hopefully. The second one will be out a bit before xmas.
We have about 200 households on our Capertee Valley mailing list including emails and printouts. Let us know if you would like to be added to the mailing list.  Email is the best for us, but some paper copies are also delivered through the mail.
If you would like to put an ad in it will cost  $5 an ad or $10 for the year. 
Any community news most welcome! Please forward it to rickstalex@gmail.com  
Deadline is May 21st.
Thanks for supporting the Gazette

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