20 May, 2016

Revised Community Consultative Committee Guidelines for State Significant Projects... CVA Inc submission

CVA Inc prepared a submission based on actual experience of community representatives on the Centennial Airly Mine CCC which is a State Significant Development.

A community representative has attended the meetings since 2009 when it was called under the Airly Mine DA162/91 'Special Monitoring Committee'.

The link is below if you would like to read the submissions however a general theme relates to the appointment of a Genuinely Independent Chairperson.
CVA believes that an independent Chairperson to oversee a CCC is key to its sucess in shaping the culture and procedures of a committee and have the final word on the resolution of disagreements.
At present the selection of a CCC Chairperson seems to favour those with a perceived "expertise" in mining issues and/or those with relationships or experience in the government sector. Usually, the chair of a CCC receives sitting fees, paid by mining company. We don't believe these factors encourage and independent or fair-minded approach when resolving disagreements on a CCC.
The changes proposed in the Draft Guidelines will fail to rectify these key anomalies of the current system.
CVA strongly oppose the proposal to allow mining companies to nominate the CCC Chair.

CVA proposes that instead, the Government creates a pool of independent professional facilitators to draw on when selecting a Chairperson for a CCC. This process should be overseen by the Planning Department without involvement from mining companies , but funded by the companies through a compulsory contribution on development application, approval, and renewal.
The selection criteria for acceptance into this pool of facilitators should be:
  •  professional qualifications and experience in facilitating meetings of divers stakeholders and interests.
  • independence from the mining industry
  • independence from government and the bureaucracy.

 The role of the Independent Chair is defined in the Draft Guidelines as ' a convenor, facilitator, mediator and advisor' who must undertake their role in an independent manner and at all times act impartially with respect for the Company and any individual or representative on the Committee'.
CVA submits that the suggested selection process and criteria above would be far more effective at finding the right people for this role than either the existing process, or the process in the Draft Guidelines.
For additional CVA submission details and other organisations see the link below.


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