03 May, 2016

Springvale's - Centennial Coal & Pollution of the Cox's River

Please join the Demo against Springvale's pollution outside the Land & Env't Court 

When  - 9.00 to 9.30am Monday, May 9
Where  -  Outside the Land and Environment Court, 225 Macquarie St, Sydney
Protest Centennial Coal's pollution of Sydney’s drinking water - show your support
Bring – placards and small banners
Slogans – Toxic mine water not for drinking; Pure Water, not Mine Effluent;  World Heritage, not waste water;  Mine water out of World Heritage; Coxs River - not a drain; Save Sydney's drinking water from Centennial; Centennial Coal environmental vandal; wild not wasted;
Why demonstrate?
The Land and Environment Court hearing between 4nature, Centennial Coal and the Minister for Planning starts on May 9th. 4nature seeks to stop the Springvale coal mine polluting the Coxs River and set a legal precedent to prevent other polluting development. 
Right now 19 megalitres a day of toxic mine water pollutes the Coxs River from the above discharge point. This river is part of our water supply but its flow is mostly toxic mine water below the mine. Centennial has approval of facilities that can pump 30 megalitres a day of mine water into our drinking water.
We need to show support 4nature’s court action. The Springvale discharge contaminates our drinking water and a World Heritage river.
Help ensure Sydney’s tap water remains amongst the best in the world, stop the mine waste contamination – Protest!
You don't want children drinking mine waste, do you?
Funds are still needed to cover substantial costs involved to fund 4nature's legal team, technical experts and other costs that supports the strong case coming before the NSW Land and Environment Court. Please donate now.
Donate online via credit card or make a direct deposit using these details: BSB 633000 Account No 146827357 Account: 4nature Fund (If making an EFT payment, could you also please email 4nature so they can send your receipt -  info@4nature.org

Read - Pells Report on Springvale mine's impacts on nationally endangered swamps

The Pells report confirms that longwall mining causes swamp impacts. The damage caused by mining slowly dries out swamps and this is reflected in changes to swamp ecology.
In breaking news the Springvale mine has destroyedSunnyside East Swamp and Carne West Swamp since the Pells resport was published. Both swamps are federally listed endangered wetlands. These irreplacable swamps can't be repaired. 
To make matters worse, the flow over a wonderful waterfall below Carne West Swamp has ceased, but the loss of this and other waterfalls was not even considered in the 6,000 page EIS. Its now too late, and Springvale's independent monitoring committee says its unable to even comment the damage, let alone recommend action that would remedy loss of waterfalls! 

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