11 May, 2016

Woodland Bird Identification and Survey Methods Workshop

Can you pick a Buff-rumped Thornbill from a Yellow-rumped Thornbill?
Do you know what a Diamond Firetail’s call sounds like?
Want to know some clues to finding Regent Honeyeaters?
Ever wanted to do a bird survey in a woodland?

Come and join a workshop on woodland bird identification and survey methods! 

You are invited to join BirdLife Australia’s Woodland Birds for Biodiversity project coordinator Mick Roderick on Saturday 28th May 2016 for a fun workshop focusing on many facets of woodland bird identification and monitoring.
Regent Honeyeater (Dean Ingwersen)
Workshop details:
(including morning tea)
Saturday 28 May 2016
Community Hall, Lot 5, Cox Street, Lue NSW

Bring with you:
 Binoculars
 Notebook / pen
 Bird Field Guide (optional)
 Sunscreen, warm clothes, hat
 Sensible (enclosed) walking shoes
 Water for drinking

Tea/coffee will be available on arrival and morning tea will be provided.

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