08 August, 2016

"Koalas,Bulldozers and Bullies....."

Nature Conservation wrote:

Did you see the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday? The paper broke a devastating story of koalas in northwest NSW, the landowners hell-bent on bulldozing their habitat, and the living legends who are doing all they can to protect our iconic marsupial.
The story revealed the true cost of land clearing on our wildlife. And that’s why you and I simply can’t afford to let the Baird government get away with weakening the laws that limit land clearing.
We’ve heard from those on the inside that the government will decide whether to push ahead with these devastating changes as early as next week.
Have you asked your MP to stand up for land clearing laws and reject the Baird government’s devastating plan? It’s not too late, email them now.
If you’ve already done it, please share this email with your friends and on Facebook here.

There’s still time show the government that we’re watching and won’t let them get away with tearing up our land-clearing laws. Make sure they know you care.
If you’re in Sydney on August 19th, join us when we take the message straight to Premier Baird himself. Full details here.
Thank you for all you’re doing to defend our natural heritage,
For nature,
Daisy and Corinne.
P.S. Are you a farmer, land manager or know someone who is? A group of leading farmers has launched a statement calling on the government to protect the bush and better support farmers to look after the land. Join them by signing their statement at: www.FarmingFuture.org.au

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