15 September, 2016

LCC Election Results

From: Lithgow Ratepayers [mailto:lithgowratepayers@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, 12 September 2016 11:03 PM
To: Lithgow Ratepayers
Subject: Lithgow City Council Election: Explosive if true?

Lithgow City Council Election:  Explosive if true? 

Local Election Scrutineers are confirming that the new Councillors to be elected from the Lithgow City Council Elections are all expected to be confirmed late this Wednesday afternoon and those expected to be elected are:

Statham; Ticehurst; Coleman; McAndrew; Smith; Leslie; Cox; Ring and Goodwin.

The National's Lithgow & District Community Forum, who have apparently spent well over $50,000 on their mainly behind the scenes Election Campaign, are expected to have 4 Councillors elected onto the new Lithgow City Council.

The Labor Party and Independent Candidates aligned with the Labor Party are expected to have 4 Councillors elected onto the new Lithgow City Council.

The last remaining new Lithgow City Councillor will be long-time Independent Lithgow Councillor Martin Ticehurst.

BUT, in a bizarre new twist, Local Election Scrutineers are now reporting that one of the newly elected Lithgow City Councillors has cold feet and is expected to thereafter announce their resignation as a newly elected Councillor, causing an immediate By-Election costing another $150,000?

AND believe it or not - it's apparently NOT the controversial Lithgow City Councillor, Martin Ticehurst who is still awaiting a final decision from the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) on a previous Tribunal Hearing that could see him disqualified for five years?

We all wait and see?

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