06 November, 2016

A bit About the PAC Meeting at 'Workies'

Thank you to all those residents who attended the Planning Assessment Commission Public Hearing yesterday, well done.

Of course issues were about quality and quantity of surface and ground water. 

CVAs legal representative made it quite clear to the Commissioner that whilst we didn't want to go down the track of a legal action we gave them 3 clear reasons why we would.

CV speakers were eloquent factual,empathetic towards the mine workers but made it clear that agriculture, tourism also exists and that Airly Mine was a small mine economically and should not override the existing businesses that operate in the valley since white settlement in 1823. The 'for mining' speakers speeches were repeats word for word from PAC 1 some interesting stats that didn't take into account other industries and were in isolation to their specific industry. 

The most amusing speaker whom I might add didn't hand in a paper spoke about the people in the Capertee Valley and their septic systems who polluted the water. The longer he spoke the louder he got, very entertaining to say the least.

The Regent Honeyeater got a mention also and how the submission from Birdlife seemed to go under the radar of Dept of Planning and PAC. It appears that the EIS fauna report methodology was flawed and inaccurate according to the Director Generals Requirements and the EPBC Act. The more you read the volumes of reports in Airly Mine Project Extension documents the more you realise that they can be challenged and it's so disappointing that the State Government Dept of Planning are not doing their job to protect us against less than adequate Environment Impact Statements of a State Significant Development. 

PAC if they took into account some factual realities presented yesterday have an interesting time in the next few weeks. One of which is the document draft Conditions of Consent for Airly Mine, to consider they could deliver water to the farmer daily for stock if loss or pollution occurred in regard to water supply is farcical and ludicrous . Really ! How will they deliver it to the Regent Honeyeater?

Dr Haydn Washington spoke well about the levels of extraction of coal under Genowlan Peak and if cliff collapse would see the demise of endangered unique flora let alone the massive scar on the landscape for all of us to see. Capertee Valley residents told there story well and left PAC with no uncertainty that we mean business. 

Council represented by the new Mayor whilst approved of the development stated concerns about the rehabilitation, a pity he didn't stay to listen to Capertee Valley residents speak... Maybe he needs to visit us.

Oh one more thing, the Commissioners stated they visited Airly Mine, a pity they didn't express a wish to visit the community in the valley, a picture tells a thousand words.

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