16 November, 2016

Capertee Valley Roads/Lithgow City Council

Glen Alice Road Preparation – November 2016
Glen Alice Road, just west of Glencoe Road, Glen Alice, will have its seal removed in the coming weeks.
As part of Lithgow City Council’s 2016-17 capital works program, Glen Alice Road, Glen Alice has been identified as requiring urgent remedial work in order to ensure the safety of road users and better serve the community.
On Monday 7 November 2016, Council will commence work on removing the seal on a 2.0 kilometre section of Glen Alice Road, west of Glencoe Road. Recently, this section of road has shown signs of failure that are only able to be repaired through a complete reconstruction of this section of the road. As stated by Mayor Stephen Lesslie, ‘in order to best serve the Glen Alice community, Council will remove the sealed surface this month prior to sealing works towards the end of the year’.
This work will involve the removal of the dilapidated seal and rectification and reshaping of the pavement. As such, in the coming weeks crews and machinery will be on site to remediate this section of road.
Mayor Lesslie notes that ‘residents should be aware that traffic conditions may change in this area while works progress. Please exhibit caution and patience while travelling through the area.’
Upgrading and maintain rural roads to an acceptable standard in accordance with the level of traffic use is part of Council’s Transport Strategy in the Community Strategic Plan 2026.
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Capertee Valley: Grand Canyon
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Capertee Valley: Grand Canyon
Capertee Valley: Grand Canyon It’s with deep concern that Council has chosen this section of the Glen Alice Road for re-seal when Capertee Valley Alliance Inc along with the other community groups in the Capertee Valley identified sections of the Glen Alice road that had a higher priority for reseal. Whilst the community appreciates the work being performed in this section of the road it was previously identified by the General Manager and Councillors that the section between Port Macquarie Road and Home Hills Road was dangerous and extremely pot holed requiring constant patching. Therefor the community is perplexed as to why this section of the road 'west of Glencoe Road was identified as requiring urgent remedial work in order to ensure the safety of road users and better serve the community". In view of CVA's members concerns we ask that the Mayor visits and assess for himself the condition of our roads in the Capertee Valley. Contact details are Secretary Capertee Valley Alliance Inc. email; caperteevalleyallinc@ipstarmail.com.au Capertee Valley Alliance will be suggesting a "Citizens Access Meeting" with a full quorum of Councillors and all the community groups in the Capertee Valley.
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