14 December, 2016

Survey to identify community’s priorities for Lithgow

Lithgow City Council
Media Release

Have your say and help set the future direction for the Lithgow Region Lithgow Council is conducting a survey to identify the community’s priorities for the future of the Lithgow local government area.

Lithgow Council is currently reviewing the Community Strategic Plan; ‘Our place…Our Future’. This plan sets the long-term direction for the Lithgow Local Government Area.

Lithgow Mayor, Cr. Stephen Lesslie said today “’The Community Strategic Plan is a chance for everyone to be involved in the future of the Lithgow region. We want people to think about what our community needs and speak up about it. In turn, council will use the plan to guide decision-making on its services and service standards, how community assets are managed and the development of community health and wellbeing programs.”

“A telephone survey of 400 randomly selected residents from across the local government area has just been completed. Council would like to thank everyone who took the time to be interviewed.” Cr Lesslie said.

An online version of the phone survey is now available on Councils website www.council.lithgow.com until Friday 6 January for residents of the Lithgow LGA who would like to contribute to the future of the Lithgow area.

The survey will enable Council to:

Identify what the community values most about living in the Lithgow area.
Identify what the community believes will be highest priority issues for the Lithgow area over the next 10 years. And • Assess community priorities when planning for Lithgow’s future.
“The development of the Community Strategic Plan; ‘Our Place…Our Future’, requires long-term thinking – we can’t do everything at once, but this plan will give us a path to follow into the future” concluded Cr. Lesslie.

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