23 February, 2017

State Heritage Register Listing

Heritage Act 1977

Notice of intention to consider listing on the State  Heritage Register

The Heritage Council of NSW is considering whether to recommend the place below for listing on the State Heritage Register in acknowledgment of its heritage significance.

Cliefden Caves Area - Limestone Group and Paleontological Site

Written submissions on this listing are invited from any interested person by 1 4 March 2017. 
Enquiries to
Christina Kanellaki Lowe on (02) 9873 8558 or christina.kanellaki@environment.nsw.gov.  au

Further details on the nominated place can be viewed at: www.environment.nsw.gov.au;heritageapp/ NominationsOfStateHeritageRegister.aspx
Direct submissions to: Heritage Council of NSW
Locked Bag 5020 Parramatta NSW 2124 or

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