07 March, 2017

Meet Mayor Stephen Lesslie

SEPTEMBER 29, 2016

The Village Voice

Lithgow has a new Mayor, and despite many on social media posts claiming they have never heard of Stephen Lesslie, the family name has very strong ties to the Lithgow Region.


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Anonymous said...

A number of positions seem to have been put on me that I am uncomfortable with.

I am not sure which ones you have been told so please forgive the detail in this email.

1. I am not interested in running any election campaign meeting for any candidate

2. I am personally supporting Col Hunter because I believe he is an experienced and good man. But he is not a member of my party, group or team.

3. I am an Independent and I do not have a party group or team

4. I know both Donna and Bruce Upton and they have lobbied me hard about the roads I the valley but they do not speak for me.

5. An issue that they did lobby me about was to reinstate the 2 kilometres of road sealing until the access roads were finished. This was agreed to at the Council meeting last Monday

Should you want any further clarification on my position I am happy to discuss by phone or email.

My phone number is


Stephen Lesslie